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    • March 17, 2016 4:56 AM PDT
    • Locals say the warring sides were rival drug dealers but police were not providing details.

      Several people have sustained injuries as brickbats flew all over during the clash. 

      The two groups clashed on Wednesday night and again on 11am Thursday, Dhaka Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner (Media) Maruf Hossain Sardar told

      “The situation calmed down after police reached the spot. Things returned to normal after the local ward commissioner listened to them.”

      “There’s a group here called ‘Shanti’. They used to control the entire camp,” said a local requesting anonymity.

      “But they split into Azam and Anwar groups because of their rivalry. They started fighting last night over a spot used for selling drugs.”

      The police stopped the fighting two hours after it erupted on Thursday but the situation in the camp was still tense, he said.