Senior Awami League leader Syed Ashraful Islam has been defeated by death, said the general death of the party, the general secretary of the party, Obaidul Quader said. He made this comment at a joint session at the Awami League central office in the capital's Bangabandhu Avenue on Saturday. Obaidul Quader said, after deeply mourning and reminiscing the death of recently late political leader Syed Ashraf, he finally accepted the rate. The dead death won here, one of our party's longtime comrade leader, a dynamic leader, a honest and clean politician Syed Ashraful Islam. In the meantime, he prayed for the forgiveness of the soul of Syed Ashraf and said, "Today, at the beginning of this joint session, I beg for the forgiveness of his outgoing souls. I am congratulating the family. ' At that time, everyone present in the Joint session stood one minute silence in memory of Syed Ashraful Islam.
BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said that Awami League will seek forgiveness from the nation on the incident of gang-rape of a woman in Sunamganj in Noakhali. He said this at noakhali general hospital while visiting the woman who suffered Saturday. Mirza Fakhrul said, "The incident that took place in Sunburner of Noakhali (a woman has been organized rape) happened, everyone who has done it and everyone behind it will have to be judged. Awami League will have to apologize to the nation. Exemplary punishments should be made. ' Talking to the victim, she said, "sister, we are with you. You have no fear Sister, this humility must surely be judged one day. Allah will judge. ' At this time Noakhali condemned the incident, BNP Secretary-General. He said, 'We condemn it, we strongly condemn it. We are giving justice to the people. ' The Awami League will create a long lasting wound in the politics of the country, she said, "It will create a long lasting wound in the politics of the country, taking position against Awami League people." We believe that in a dark era, Bangladesh is without democracy, it is the blue-colored movement that led to the formation of one-party rule. The BNP general secretary said that during the eleventh parliamentary election, the BNP secretary general said, "The deception that has taken place in the name of the election will bring the country back to democracy and in the dark period. This is a kind of fraud and deception with the people. People do not accept it and will not accept it. The kind of atrocities committed before and after the election is rare in history. At that time, Abdur Rab, Abdul Kader Siddiqui, Barrister AM Mahbubuddin Khokan, Barkatullah Bulu, Md. Abdur Rab, were present with Mirza Fakhrul. Shahjahan, Shahiduddin Chowdhury Annie and others. On Sunday, housewife was raped and raped by husband Siraj Uddin and four children on Sunday night. After this incident, the victim's husband Siraj Uddin filed a case against nine people accused in the case. The victim alleged that she was raped in the election by voting on BNP's rice sheets symbol. The work has been done under the leadership of Ruhul Amin, a former member of Char Jubilee Union Parishad, said the woman. He said, "They forced me to vote for Awami League's boat symbol, but I voted in rice grains without listening to them." However, the allegation of rape, however, claimed that it was not a matter of election, Noakhali Police Super (SP) Ilias Sharif claimed. Meanwhile, seven people have been arrested in the incident of rape. The operation continued to catch the rest of the two. The woman, who was tortured, is still undergoing treatment at Sadar Hospital.
The national unity front has not been released even after the fierce elections in the 11th parliamentary elections. The alliance will continue to fight legal for now. They want to keep pressure on the government through the allegation of irregularities in the elections and by explaining the international community. Apart from this, the BNP and the united front leaders want to start a movement unitedly after discussions with those parties that are talking about the vote robbery. In the unity front, it is known that in the capital Dhaka's Motijheel on December 31 for the next big election. Kamal Hossain's chamber held in the chair, one of the leaders of the unit. Jafarullah Chowdhury was appointed as the chairman of the JSD and Abdur Rab, another top leader of the united front, to speak with the parties of the Left Democratic Alliance and the Islamic Movement led by Pir. The unions and the BNP-led 20-party alliance candidates will seek a remedy for irregularities in eleven parliamentary elections. From every seat, the concerned candidate or his election agent will file a case in the High Court's Electoral Tribunal. Prior to this, a written complaint will be made to the Returning Officer or Assistant Returning Officer of each seat. According to sources, the BNP and the united front leaders have already started a discussion to take initiatives to file a case in the election tribunal along with the initiatives to prosecute those parties who have accused the robbery of the elections. The leaders of the united front leaders have begun to discuss the nature of the movement's program to cancel the election results and demand the re-election. However, they did not want to join the movement by joining all the anti-government groups in the streets and trying to get to the streets. On Thursday, a number of leaders came out in the middle of the meeting after the meeting of the 300-seat candidates of the Unity Front on the issue of a remarks on the issue of memorandum to the Election Commission. Their statement is that more than one time before the election, the Election Commission has gone to the Election Commission. Why should they go back to the Commission with the candidate and the memorandum why they will be leaving the election. Dismissed in the memorandum program, one of the senior members of BNP's highest policy-making forum. He said the memorandum will not be of any benefit to the Election Commission. The Election Commission does not recognize the ability to make a fair election, what the commission will do now. Mahmudur Rahman Manna, one of the leaders of the united front and the convenor of civil unity, said, "I will file a case." The Returning Officer will also complain. We would like them to make seat-based allegations. Ganaoform sources said the decision on taking oath of two newly elected MPs will be finalized in the party's extended house on 5th. However, Executive President of the People's Forum Subrata Chowdhury said that the people of the country know the eleven elections. Police have been stealing votes using administration If any of the people's fraternity or the united front swears in this election or goes to the Parliament, then they will be the most hated person. Because the results of this election are not just the united front but the people of the country refused. According to a BNP sources, the BNP has denied the results of the 11th parliamentary elections, but demanded a new election, but the BNP is not coming very soon. Many leaders of the party believe that if voting in the election of the united front banner, the program will not be actively going down the street. At least three to four months should be given to rest of the activists and the government's political behavior and strategy should be closely monitored. After this, BNP leaders demanding a strong movement on the streets demanding new elections. Members of the Standing Committee of the BNP agreed in the two-hour meeting on December 31. The sources said that the discussion will also be discussed on what will be the next step of the united front and the 20-party alliance. BNP will notify local and foreign organizations and media by collecting detailed information and data of the election. Another member of the Standing Committee of the party said, I think the leadership of the party needs to be reconstructed. Awami League has snatched the absolute victory. They will form the government. After this policy, what will be the policy, what will be the behavior, will be decided on the next action. Before taking any kind of program in future, the physical condition of the activists will be taken into consideration. After this, the focus should be on reconstruction of the organization. A senior member of the Standing Committee said that the party's acting chairman Tarique Rahman will now have the work to believe in the people who are working in the country and to rely on the current members of the Standing Committee to decide the next steps.
Awami League-led Grand Alliance won a grand victory by getting 288 out of 299 seats in the eleventh parliamentary elections. The ruling coalition, which is going to form a third-party (hat-trick) government, will win this record by a huge margin. Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is going to be the third Prime Minister for this win. It is believed that the presence of the party's leaders-workers in the wider development activities and electoral campaigns has served as the controller of the grand victory of the Grand Alliance. The 10-year-old alliance, who won the history, won the history, but their main opponent BNP-led national unity front has become screwed. After the launch of parliamentary democracy in 1991, the first time BNP got the lowest seats. Several of the party's candidates have been confiscated. In many places, candidates of Islamist movement have become the closest rival of the grand alliance candidate. This election was held in a peaceful environment on Sunday. Gaibandha 3 votes did not vote because of the death of a candidate. According to the private results obtained till last night, the Awami League's 259 people, the Workers Party's 3, Jasad (Inu) 2, the Tariqat Federation 2, the alternative section 2 and the Jatiya Party-22 A candidate of Jatiya Party-JP won the bicycle symbol. On the other hand, the National Awakening Front (7th of the People's Forum) and the Independent Candidate in 4 of the National Awakening Front of the BNP-led rice field won. Polling for 29 centers has been postponed due to scattered conflicts and violence on election day, Election Commission said. Election commissioner Helaluddin Ahmed said the voting took place in 40 thousand 51 centers in 299 seats. The number of cancellations is as 0.05 percent. The BNP boycotted the vote in 55 seats by alleging irregularities. All the 39 registered political parties of the EC have participated in this year's parliamentary elections. In this, five registered political parties, including Awami League, compete in 272 seats with the party symbol of Bangladesh Awami League party ruling party. The main alliance of the alliance, Awami League alone is contesting 260 seats, Rashed Khan Menon's Bangladesh Workers Party 5, Hasanul Haque Inru National Socialist Party - JSD 3, Former President Professor AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury, Bangladesh 3 and Bangladesh Tariqat Federation 2 contestants. The remaining 26 constituencies of Awami League were released to Japan. The BNP's party symbol has contested 92 registered political parties, 282 seats, including BNP. Among them, the BNP alone (in Jamiaat's 22 seats), in the 257 seats, four from the Colonel Ally Liberal Democratic Party-LDP, 3 from Kader Siddiqui Krishak Sramik Janata League, 4 from National Socialist Party of Assam, 4 from JD, Andalib Rahman of Bangladesh Jatiya Party- 1 from BJP, 3 from Jamiyat ulamay Islam Bangladesh, and more. 7 people from Kamal Hossain's Ganoformam, one from the Bangladesh Kalyan Party of Major General (retd) Syed Mohammad Ibrahim and two candidates from Khelafat Majlish have selected the symbol of rice. In the remaining 17 constituencies, there was no candidate due to the cancellation of the candidate of BNP and the symbol of the rice ear. But the last moment came in support of 8 alternative candidates. 1861 candidates took part in this election. The voter was about 42 million. On December 29, 2008 Awami League won the 230 seats and formed the government. Awami League got 234 seats in the January 5, 2014 election. Jatiya Party-Japa won 34 seats. Others get 32 ​​seats. Gopalganj-3 constituency has been declared the first full result from the gathering and distribution of results of the polling station in the city's Agargaon. Awami League president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has won this seat. Out of 108 centers, Sheikh Hasina received 2 lakh 29 thousand 529 votes in all the centers. Total voters are 2 lakh 46 thousand 514. EC secretary Helaluddin Ahmed announced the results at around 8:15 pm. In the Gopalganj-3 constituency, Mr Zillani was the candidate of Paddy in the rice field. The number of votes received is 123. The EC has calculated that 93 percent voters voted in this constituency. Meanwhile, the Jatiya Party (JP) Chairman and Water Resources Minister Anwar Hossain Manju, from the Pirojpur-2 constituency comprising of Bhandaria, Kawkhali and Indurkani Upazilas, won the election. He got 1 lakh 79 thousand 483 votes with the bicycle mark. Mostafizur Rahman of his nearest rival, Ekac Front, got 6 thousand 384 votes in the rice field. The winners of Dhaka are: Dhaka-1: Salman F Rahman, Dhaka-2: Kamrul Islam, Dhaka-3: Nasrul Hamid Bipu, Dhaka-4: Syed Abu Hossain Babla (Langal), Dhaka-5: Habibur Rahman Molla, Dhaka 6 : Kazi Firoz Rashid (Langal), Dhaka-7: Haji Selim, Dhaka-8: Rashed Khan Menon (Workers Party), Dhaka-9: Saber Hossain Chowdhury, Dhaka-10: Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh, Dhaka-11: AK M Rahmatullah, Dhaka-12: Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, Dhaka-13: Sadek Child, Dhaka 14 MP Aslam, Dhaka -15: Kamal Ahmed Majumder, Dhaka, 16 Md. Ilias Uddin Mollah, Dhaka-17: Akbar Hossain Pathan (Farooq), Dhaka-18: Sahara Khatun, Dhaka-19: Enamur Rahman and Dhaka-20: Benazir Ahmed. Department wise results are given below: - Rangpur Division Panchagarh-1: Awami League Majharul Haque chief (boat symbol) has won 1 lakh 75 thousand 388 votes. His closest rival BNP's barrister Muhammad Nowshad Land of Sunny (rice ear) got 1 lakh 32 thousand 539 votes. Panchagarh 2: Awami League Advocate Nurul Islam Sujon (boat symbol) won 1 lakh 69 thousand 594 votes. His nearest rival BNP's Farhad Hossain Azad (Dhan's Shees) got 1,11,295 votes. Dinajpur-1: Monoranjan Shil Gopal of Awami League won 1 lakh 98 thousand 792 votes. His opponent, Mohammad Hanif (Jamaat) of Rice, received 78,927 votes. Dinajpur-2: Awami League Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury wins 1 lakh 97 thousand 69 votes. His nearest BNP's Sadiq Riaz Chowdhury Pinak got 48,822 votes. Dinajpur-3: Awami League's Iqbalur Rahim won 2 lakh 30 thousand 446 votes. His nearest Islamist movement Bangladesh (handpicked) got 39,247 votes. Dinajpur-4: Awami League's Abul Hasan Mahmud Ali won 2 lakh 3 thousand 866 votes. BNP's Akhtaruzzaman Mia got 61 thousand 706 votes in his rival. Dinajpur-5: Awami League Mostafizur Rahman won 1 lakh 88 thousand 680 votes. His nearest BNP's AZM Rezwanul Haque received 1, 28, 567 votes. Dinajpur-6: Awami League's Shibli Sadik won 2, 81, 891 votes. Anwarul Haque (Jamaat) of his rival Rice Rice got 69 thousand 769 votes. Thakurgaon-2: Dabirul Islam, who won the Awami League won 2 lakh 24 thousand 3.8 votes. Abdul Hakim of his earliest rice rice got 4,300 votes. Nilphamari-1: Aftab Uddin Sarker of the boat was elected with 2,03,772 votes. Professor Rafiqul Islam got the nearest rice rice 85 thousand 89 votes. Nilphamari-2: Awami League candidate Asaduzzaman Noor received 1 lakh 78 thousand 495 votes. Jamaat leader Moniruzzaman Montu of the nearest rice symbol received 79 thousand 42 votes. Nilphamari-3: Jatiya Party's Major (retired) Rana Muhammad Sohel, a coalition partner of the Alliance, won the election of 1 lakh 37 thousand 538 votes. Azizul Islam of the nearest rice ear symbol got 44 thousand 93 votes. Nilphamari-4: Adaydul Rahman Adil, the winner of the grand alliance, won the election of 2,035,930 votes. Shahidul Islam of his nearest Islamist movement received 27,294 votes. Lalmonirhat-1: Awami League candidate Motahar Hossain got 2 lakh 64 thousand 11 votes. His nearest united front barrister Hassan Razib got 11,33 votes. Lalmonirhat-2: Grand Alliance candidate Nuruzzaman Ahmed has been elected with 1 lakh 99 thousand 667 votes. Rokonuddin Babul of his nearest united front got 73 thousand 533 votes. Lalmonirhat-3: The winning grand alliance candidate GM Quader got 1 lakh 12 thousand 63 votes. His nearest united front Principal Asadul Habib Dulu received 79 thousand 119 votes. Rangpur-1: State Minister of State for the Advocates of the Grand Alliance Begum, Mashiur Rahman (Ranga) won 1 lakh 98 thousand 914 votes. His closest rival, Rahmat Zaman, received 19,494 votes in the Sheila symbol of Babla Dhan. Rangpur-2: Mohammad Ahsanul Haque Chowdhury Duke of the boat candidate wins 1 lakh 18 thousand 368 votes, Mohammad Ali Government's top symbol of his nearest candidate, got 53,340 votes. Rangpur-3: EVMA votes are accepted. Here, the chairman of the Jamiat HM Ershad won 1 lakh 42 thousand 926 votes, his nearest rival Rita Rahman got 53,889 votes. Rangpur-4: Tipu Munshi of Awami League won 1 lakh 99 thousand 973 votes. His nearest BNP's Emdadul Haque Trust got 1 lakh 4 thousand 170 votes. Boat candidate of the Rangpur-5 constituency NAH Ashikur Rahman won the winner with 55 lakh and 149 votes, the candidate of the same unified candidate Mofakhkharul Islam got 63 thousand 469 votes. Rangpur-6 seats. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury, the candidate of the Grand Alliance, won by winning 2 lakh 34 thousand 426 votes, the candidate of the Ekkoofront candidate Saiful Islam got 24 thousand 53 votes. Kurigram-1: Awami League's Aslam Hossain Sodagarh won 1 lakh 22 thousand 14 votes. His opponent BNP's Saifur Rahman Rana got 1 lakh 17 thousand 935 votes. Kurigram-2: Winner of 2 lakh 29 thousand 440 votes with Cheese Uddin Ahmed Langal symbol. His opponent Oikya Front's Ganofram candidate Amasa Amin received 1 lakh 7 thousand 146 votes. Kurigram-3: Awami League candidate Prof MA Matin won 1 lakh 32 thousand 309 votes. BNP's Tasveerul Islam got 70 of the 424 votes. Kurigram-4: Awami League candidate Md. Zakir Hossain won 1 lakh 62 thousand 386 votes. His opponent BNP's Azizur Rahman got 55 thousand 189 votes. Gaibandha-1: Barrister Shamim Haider Patwari of Japan won 1 lakh 97 thousand 585 votes. Jamaat's Majedur Rahman got 65 thousand 173 votes in the symbol of rice ear Gaibandha-2: Mahbub Ara Begum of Awami League won the election with 1 lakh 89 thousand 617 votes. BNP said. Abdur Rashid Sarkar got 68 thousand 670 votes Gaibandha-3: Gaibandha-3 constituency, the candidate of the rice field of rice rice. TIM Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury died As a result, the EC suspended the election. Gaibandha-4: Awami League Monwar Hossain Chowdhury got 3 lakh 860 votes. Jatiya Party (Japan) Kazi Md. Moshiur Rahman got 5 thousand 717 votes. Gaibandha-5: Awami League Fazle Rabbi Mia won two lakh 42 thousand 861 votes. Equity supported BNP Faruk Alam government got 19 thousand 996 votes. Rajshahi Division Joypurhat-1: Awami League Shamsul Alam Dudu (boat symbol) got 2 lakh 18 thousand 582 votes Won. His closest competing opponent Alayya Begum (dab symbol) got 84 thousand 212 votes. Joypurhat-1: Awami League's Abu Sayeed Al Mahmood Swapan (boat symbol) won 2 lakh 28 thousand 730 votes. His nearest rival Abu Yusuf Mohammad Khalilur Rahman (rice ear) got 26 thousand and 120 votes. Bogra-1: Awami League's Abdul Mannan wins two lakh 67 thousand 947 votes. Kazi Rafiqul Islam got 16 thousand 690 votes for his rival Rice Rice. Bogra-2: President of the Grand Alliance candidate, Mr. Shariful Islam Jinnah won a total of 1,85,365 votes with a symbol of Tiller. Mahmudur Rahman Manna, 69, 602 votes for the candidate of his rival, the leader of the rival Rice, got 69 thousand 602 votes. Bogra-3: Nurul Islam Talukder of Japan won 1 lakh 57 thousand 792 votes. His nearest BNP's Mahesda Momin received 58 thousand 580 votes. Bogra-4: BNP's Mosharaf Hossain won 1 lakh 48 thousand 585 votes. His closest jasad Rezaul Karim Tansen (boat symbol) got 86 thousand 48 votes. Bogra-5: Awami League Habibir Rahman won 3,38,452 votes. His nearest BNP's GM Siraj received 46,564 votes. Bogra-6: BNP secretary general Fakhrul Islam Alamgir won 2 lakh 5 thousand 987 votes. Nurul Islam Omar Langal of the nearest Japan got 39 thousand 961 votes. Bogra -7: Independent candidate of truck symbol Rezaul Karim Bablu got 1 lakh 88 thousand 998 votes. His nearest independent candidate, Dab Markar Ferdous Ara, got 65 thousand 292 votes. Rajshahi-1: Awami League's Omar Faruk Chowdhury (Boat symbol) won 2 lakh 3 thousand 106 votes. His closest competing BNP barrister Aminul Haque (Dhan's Sirsa symbol) got 1 lakh 15 thousand 820 votes. Rajshahi-2: Fazle Hossain Badsha (boat symbol) of the Workers Party won 1 lakh 15 thousand 453 votes. His nearest rival BNP's Mizanur Rahman Minu (the head of the Shees symbol) got 1,03,327 votes. Rajshahi-3: Awan League's Ayen Uddin (boat symbol) has won 2 lakh 20 thousand 327 votes. His closest rival Shafiqul Haq Milon of BNP got 88 thousand votes in the symbol of rice. Rajshahi-4: Enamul Haque of Awami League (boat symbol) has won 2 lakh 24 thousand 962 votes. His nearest rival BNP's Abu Hena received 14 thousand 160 votes. Rajshahi-5: Awami League Dr. Mansur Rahman (boat symbol) won 1 lakh 96 thousand 637 votes. His closest rival BNP founder Nazrul Islam Mondal (Dhan's Shees Prakike) got 27,927 votes. Rajshahi-6: Awami League's Shahriar Alam (boat symbol) won 2 lakh 60 thousand 543 votes. His nearest rival, Abdus Salam Suruj (handpick) of the Islamic Movement got 25,332 votes. Chapainawabganj-1: Awami League's Shamil Uddin Ahmed Shimul (Boat symbol) won 1 lakh 80 thousand 78 votes. His nearest rival BNP professor Shahjahan Ali Mia (Paddy of Dhan) got 1,063 thousand 650 votes. Chapainawabganj-2: Aminul Islam of BNP (Dhina Shek) won 1 lakh 75 thousand 466 votes. His nearest rival Awami League Ziaur Rahman (boat symbol) got 1 lakh 39 thousand 952 votes. Chapainawabganj-3: Winner of the BNP's Harun-Or-Rashid (Rice Sheet) symbol of 1 lakh 33 thousand 661 votes. His nearest rival Awami League's Abdul Wadud (boat symbol) got 85 thousand 928 votes. Naoga-1: Satna Chandra Majumdar of Awami League won 1 lakh 87 thousand 592 votes. The nearest BNP's Mostafizur Rahman got 1 lakh 41 thousand 364 votes. Naoga-2: Awami League's Shahiduzzaman Government won 1 lakh 99 thousand 874 votes. The nearest Shamsuzzoha Khan got 99 thousand 954 votes. Naoga-3: Salimuddin Tarafd of Awami League won 1 lakh 99 thousand 793 votes. The nearest BNP Parvez Arefin Siddiqui got 1 lakh 142 votes. Naoga-4: Emamuddin Pramanik of Awami League won 1 lakh 66 thousand 662 votes. The nearest BNP's Shamsul Alam pramanik received 49 thousand 771 votes. Naoga-5: Awami League's Nizam Uddin Jalil won 1 lakh 56 thousand 176 votes. The nearest BNP Zahidul Islam got 83 thousand 759 votes. Naoga-6: Israfil Alam of the winning Awami League got 1 lakh 90 thousand 429 votes. The nearest BNP's Alamgir Kabir gets 46,554 votes. Natore-1: Shafiqul Islam Bakul of the boat won two lakh 44 thousand 814 votes. Kamrunnahar Shirin got 75 lakh 69 thousand votes in the rice field. Natore-2: Boat candidate Shafiqul Islam Shimul won 2 lakh 60 thousand 503 votes. Sabina Yasmin of rice paddy got 13 thousand 659 votes. Natore-3: Winner of the boat Junaid Ahmed Palak by 2 lakh 30 thousand 296 votes. Dauder Mahmud of rice paddy got 8, 593 votes. Natore-4: Professor Abdul Kuddus of the boat wins two lakh 86 thousand 22 votes. Alauddin Mridha got 6 thousand 979 votes for the lunal symbol. Pabna-1: Advocate Shamsul Haque Tuku, the winner of Awami League candidate, got 2,85,827 votes. Professor Abu Sayyed got 24 thousand 364 votes in his nearest public forum. Pabna-2: Awami League's Ahmed Firoz Kabir won 2 lakh 42 thousand 674 votes. His nearest BNP AKM Selim Reza Habib got 5383 votes. Pabna-3: Winner Awami League candidate Makbul Hossain got 3,111,156 votes. His nearest BNP KM Anwarul Islam got 56 thousand 820 votes. Pabna-4: Awami League Shamsur Rahman Sharif Delu got 2 lakhs 49 thousand 568 votes. His nearest BNP Habibur Rahman Habib got 49,568 votes. Pabna-5: Golam Faruk Khondaker prince of the winning Awami League got 2 lakh 16 thousand 143 votes. Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, the ear of his nearest rice paddy, got 15, 283 votes. Sirajganj-1: Mohammad Nasim of Awami League (boat symbol) won 3,24,428 votes. His nearest rival BNP's Rumana Morshed Kanakchapa (Rice Sheet) got 1 thousand 93 votes. Sirajganj-2: Awami League Dr. Habeeb Millat (boat symbol) won two lakh 94 thousand 805 votes. His closest rival BNP Rumana Mahmud (head of rice) got 13 thousand 728 votes. Sirajganj-3: Awami League Dr. Abdul Aziz (boat symbol) won two lakh 95 thousand 517 votes. His nearest rival BNP's Abdul Mannan Talukdar (Dhan's ear) got 27,248 votes. Sirajganj-4: Tanvir Imam of Awami League (Boat Symbol) won 3,33,666 votes. His closest rival Jamaat Rafiqul Islam Khan (rice ear) got 24 thousand 893 votes. Sirajganj-5: Abdul Mamin Mondal of Awami League (boat symbol) won 2 lakh 59 thousand 861 votes. His nearest rival BNP's Abdul Alim (Dhan's Shees) got 28 thousand 317 votes. Sirajganj-6: Hasibur Rahman Swapan (boat symbol) of Awami League won 3 lakh 35 thousand 769 votes. His nearest rival BNP founder Muhith got 14 thousand 697 votes. Mymensingh division Mymensingh-2: Awami League Sharif Ahmed got two lakh 91 thousand 472 votes. BNP Shah Shahid Sarwar received 62 thousand 233 votes. Mymensingh-3: Awami League's Nazim Uddin Ahmed MP won 1 lakh 59 thousand 430 votes. His nearest united front (rice head) Engineer M Iqbal Hossain received 24 thousand 631 votes. Mymensingh 6: Boalkhali Moslem Uddin received 2,04,05,585 and the earliest Rice Engineer Shamsuddin Ahmed got 32 thousand 332 votes. Mymensingh 8: Fakhrul Imam of the langal symbol won by winning 1 lakh 56 thousand 769 votes. Advocate AHM Khalequzzaman of his nearest Gono Forum got 34 thousand 63 votes. Jamalpur-1: Minister Abul Kalam Azad got two lakh 71 thousand 734 votes with boat symbol. Abdul Majid of the nearest Islamic movement got 3 thousand 708 votes. Jamalpur-2: Faridul Haque Khan Dulal got the symbol of the symbol 1 lakh 80 thousand 418 votes. The nearest BNP's sultan Mahmud Babu got 16 thousand 721 votes. Jamalpur-3: Mirza Azam got 3 lakh 86 thousand 669 votes with boat symbol. The nearest BNP's Mostafizur Rahman Babul got 4382 votes. Jamalpur-4: Dr. Murad Hassan elected two lakh 17 thousand 198 votes with boat symbol. The nearest Japan's Mokhlesur Rahman got 1 thousand 593 votes. Jamalpur-5: Engineer Mozaffar Hossain got 3 lakh 71 thousand 434 votes with boat symbol. The nearest BNP's Shah Mohammad Warekh Ali Mamun got 34,87 votes. Netrokona-1: Manu Majumder of Awami League wins two lakh 39 thousand 738 votes. His closest BNP barrister Kaiser Kamal got 16 thousand 332 votes. Netrokona-2: Awami League's Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru wins two lakh 83 thousand 496 votes and nearest BNP professor Dr. Anwarul Haque got 30 thousand 573 votes. Netrokona - 3: Awami League's Asim Kumar Ukil wins two lakh 70 thousand 79 votes. His nearest BNP. Rafiqul Islam Hilila got 7 thousand 228 votes. Netrokona-4: Rebecca Momin won the boat symbol with 2 lakh 5 thousand 95 votes. The nearest Tahmina Zaman Sraboni received 38 thousand 105 votes. Netrokona -5: Wariat Hossain Belal of Awami League won 1 lakh 67 thousand 562 votes. Abu Taher Talukdar got the nearest 15 thousand 582 votes. Sherpur-1: Atiur Rahman Atik (Boat) won by winning 2, 87, 452 votes. The nearest Sancela zebrien (rice sheets) 27 thousand 643 votes. Sherpur-2: Begum Matia Chowdhury (Boat) won by 3,442 votes. The nearest Fahim Chowdhury (rice shead) 7 thousand 652 votes. Sherpur 3: AKM Fazlul Haq of the boat won two lakh 51 thousand 9 36 votes. BNP candidate Mahmudul Haque ruble got 12,434 votes. Dhaka Division Tangail-1: Awami League. Abdur Razzak got 2 lakh 79 thousand 687 votes. The government has received 16 thousand 406 votes from the nearest rice field. Tangail-2: Awami League's Tanvir Hasan Chowdhury elected two lakh 93 thousand 332 votes. Salaauddin Tuku, the nearest Rice Sheet, got 11,406 votes. Tangail-3: Ataar Rahman Khan of the boat was elected two lakh 38 thousand 951 votes. Lutfar Rahman Khan Azad got 8 thousand 570 votes in the nearest rice field. Tangail-4: Hassan Imam Khan Sohel Hazari of Awami League won two lakh 24 thousand 134 votes. The earliest rice grains. Liaquat Ali got 34,4 544 votes. Tangail-5: Sanor Hossain of Awami League was elected with 1 lakh 49 thousand 362 votes. The nearest BNP's Major General (retd) Mahmudul Hasan received 78 thousand 992 votes. Tangail-6: Ahsanul Islam Titu of Awami League won two lakh 85 thousand 305 votes. Goutam Chakraborty of the nearest rice field received 40 thousand 324 votes. Tangail-7: Awami League's Ekabbar Hossain was elected one lakh 64 thousand 591 votes. Abul Kalam Azad of the nearest rice paddy symbol got 87 thousand 949 votes. Tangail-8: Awami League candidate Joahorul Islam elected two lakh eight thousand 334 votes. Its closest Siddiqui of the National Unity Front got 72 thousand 211 votes. Kishoreganj-2: Noor Mohammad of Awami League got 2 lakh 95 thousand 860 votes. BNP Major (Retd) Akhteruzzaman Ranjan got 51 thousand 323 votes. Kishoreganj-5: Awami League's Alhaj Md. Afzal Hossain won 2 lakh 12 thousand 876 votes. The nearest BNP's Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Iqbal received 29 thousand 150 votes. Munshiganj-1: Joint Secretary-General Mahi B. Chowdhary was elected in the boat symbol with 2, 86, 681 votes. His nearest BNP candidate Shah Moazzem Hossain got 44 thousand 888 votes. Munshiganj-2: Sagufta Yasmin Emily won two lakh 15 thousand 385 votes in boat symbol. His nearest BNP candidate Mizanur Rahman Sinha got 14 thousand 65 votes. Munshiganj-3: Awami League candidate Mrinal Kanti Das won 3 lakh 13 thousand 358 votes. His nearest BNP's former deputy minister Abdul Hai got 12 thousand 736 votes. Gazipur-1: Awami League's Akam Mozammel Haque won 4 lakh1 thousand 518 votes. BNP Chowdhury Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui got 94,723 votes. Gazipur-2: Zahid Ahsan Rasel of Awami League won 4 lakh 12 thousand 140 votes. BNP's salahuddin government got 1 lakh1 40 votes Gazipur-3: Awami League's Iqbal Hossain Sabuj won 3 lakh 43 thousand 320 votes. Iqbal Siddiqui of the united front got 37,786 votes. Gazipur-4: Awami League Simin Hossain Rimi wins two lakh 3 thousand 325 votes. BNP's Riazul Hannan got 18,528 votes. Gazipur-5: Meher Afroz Chumki of Awami League won 2 lakh 7 thousand 699 votes. BNP's AK Fazlul Haq Khan Milon got 27 thousand 976 votes. Narsingdi-1: Awami League's Nazrul Islam Hiru (boat symbol) has won. Narsingdi-2: Awami League's Anwarul Ashraf Khan (boat symbol) has won. Narsingdi-3: Awami League's Jahirul Haque Bhuiyan Mohan (boat symbol) has won. Narsingdi-4: Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun of Awami League (boat symbol) has won. Narsingdi-5: Awami League's Razi Uddin Raju (boat symbol) has won. Narayanganj-1: Golam Dastagir Gazi of Awami League won 2 lakh 34 thousand 8 thousand 58 votes. The nearest rival BNP Kazi Moniruzzaman Monir received 21,434 votes. Narayanganj-2: Awami League's Nazrul Islam Babu won 2 lakh 36 thousand 83 votes. His nearest BNP's Nazrul Islam Azad got 5 thousand 152 votes. Narayanganj-3: Majority candidate Liakat Hossain Khoka has been elected to the langal symbol with 1 lakh 97 thousand 785 votes. His nearest BNP Azharul Islam Mannan got 18 47 votes. Narayanganj-4: Awami League Shamim Osman won 3 lakh 93 thousand 136 votes. The nearest united front candidate (Jamiyat Islam) Mufti Monir Hossain Kasami got 76 552 votes. Narayanganj-5: A grand victory candidate AKM Selim Osman won the langal with 2 lakh 79 thousand 545 votes. The nearest rival of the ruling candidate SM Akram Dhan received 51 thousand 131 votes. Gopalganj-1: Awami League candidate Lt Col (retired) Muhammad Faruq Khan was elected with 3 lakh3 thousand 942 votes. Mizanur Rahman, his nearest Islamist movement, got 702 votes. Gopalganj-2: Awami League's Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim has been elected with 2, 81, 909 votes. His nearest Islamist movement got Taslim Sikder of Bangladesh 608 votes. Gopalganj-3: Awami League President and three-time Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been elected by a huge margin. He got 2 lakh 29 thousand 539 votes. His nearest BNP's SM Zilani got only 123 votes. Rajbari-1: Awami League's Kazi Keramat Ali won 2 lakh 38 thousand 914 votes. Ali Newaz Mahmood Khayyam of rice sheesh got 33 thousand votes. Rajbari-2: Awami League Zillul Hakim won 3 lakh 98 thousand 974 votes. BNP's Nasirul Haque Sabu received 5,475 votes. Faridpur-1: Awami League Manzur Hossain won 3 lakh 6 thousand 891 votes. The nearest BNP Shah. Abu Jafar got 26 thousand 162 votes. Faridpur-2: Awami League's Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury wins two lakh votes from 19 thousand 209 votes. The nearest BNP Shama Obaid Rinku got 14,885 votes. Faridpur-3: Awami League's Local Government Rural Development and Cooperatives Minister Engineer Khandker Mosharraf Hossain won two lakh 74 thousand 871 votes. His nearest BNP Chowdhury Kamal ibn Yusuf received 21 thousand 704 votes. Faridpur-4: Independent candidate Majibur Rahman Chowdhury (Nixon), MP with symbol of Lion, won 1 lakh 45 thousand votes. His nearest Awami League's Kazi Jafarullah got 95 thousand 163 votes. Madaripur-1: Noor-e-Alam Chowdhury Liton of Awami League got 2, 27, 454 votes. His nearest handpick symbol Maulana Zafar Ahmed got 436 votes. Shariatpur-1: Iqbal Hossain Apu of Awami League won two lakh 72 thousand 934 votes. The closest Islamic movement Tofail Ahmed got 1 thousand 427 votes. Shariatpur-2: Awami League's AKM Enamul Haque Shamim got 2 lakh 72 thousand 308 votes. Shafiqur Rahman Kiran, the leader of the BNP, got 2,255 votes. Shariatpur-3: Awami League's Nahim Razzak elected two lakh 7 thousand 118 votes. Hanif Mia received 2,746 votes in the nearest Islamist movement. Khulna Division Meherpur-1: Awami League Professor Farhad Hossain Dodul got 1 lakh 69 thousand 204 votes. His nearest BNP leader Masud Arun got only 12,969 votes. Meherpur- 2: Awami League candidate Shahiduzzaman Khokon won 1 lakh 69 thousand 14 votes. Javed Masud Milton of his nearest BNP got 7 thousand 900 votes. Kushtia-1: Winner Awami League Akor Sarwar Jahan Badshya got 2 lakh 76 thousand 978 votes. Reza Ahmad Bachchu Molla got 3,420 votes in the nearest rice field. Kushtia-2: Winner of the winning Jasd and Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu with 2 81, 81, 45 votes. The nearest BNP's Ahsan Habib Lincoln got 36,774 votes. Kushtia-3: Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif of Awami League won two lakh 96 thousand 828 votes. His nearest BNP engineer Zakir Hossain Sarkar got 14 thousand 379 votes. Kushtia-4: Awami League candidate Barrister Selim Altaf George got 2 lakh 78 thousand 864 votes. His nearest BNP candidate Syed Mehedi Ahmed Rumi got 12 thousand 319 votes. Chuadanga-01: Solaiman Huq Joarddha of the boat symbol got 3 lakh 25 thousand 234 votes. Sharifuzzaman Sharif received 24 thousand 403 votes of his earliest rice rice symbol. Chuadanga-02: Hajj Ali Azgar Tougher, candidate of boat symbol, got 2 lakh 99 thousand 34 votes. Mahmud Hasan Khan Babu received the earliest paddy symbol of 34 thousand 513 votes. Jhenaidah-1: Md. Abdul Hai, who won the Awami League won 2 lakh 22 thousand 35 votes. His nearest BNP's Mohammad Asaduzzaman got 6, 668 votes. Jhenaidah-2: Awami League's Tazeeb Alam Siddiqui won 3 lakh 34 thousand 560 votes. His nearest handpick Maulana Fakhrul Islam got 9, 120 votes. Jhenaidah-3: Shafiqul Azam Khan of the boat won by winning 2 lakh 42 thousand 532 votes. The nearest Jamaat. Matiar Rahman paddy yield of 32 thousand 244 votes Jhenaidah-4: Anwarul Azim of the boat won by winning 2 lakh 25 thousand 965 votes. His nearest BNP counterpart Saiful Islam Firoz has got 9 thousand 506 votes. Jessore-1: Sheikh Afil Uddin of the boat won by winning 2 lakh 9 thousand 3 votes. His nearest BNP MP Mofiqul Hasan Tripti got 4,880 votes. Jessore-2: Major General (Retd) of the boat said. Nasir Uddin won 3 lakh 32 thousand 95 votes. BNP's Abu Sayeed Mohammad Shahadat Hossain got 12,898 votes. Jessore-3: Awami League's Kazi Nabil Ahmed won 3 lakh 61 thousand 333 votes. The nearest BNP's unimpressive Islam Amit received 31,710 votes. Jessore-4: Ranjit Kumar Roy of the Awami League won 2 lakh 76 thousand and 81 votes. The nearest BNP's TSI won 25,919 votes. Jessore-5: Swapan Bhattacharyya got 2,04,3382 votes. Muhatti Mohammad Waqqas of Jhumat-ul-Islam Islam got 23 thousand 11 votes in the symbol of the rice. Jessore-6: Awami League candidate Ismat Ara Sadek has been elected with 1,54,553 votes. His nearest BNP Abul Hossain Azad got 5,438 votes. Narail-1: Winner Awami League's BM Kabirul Haque got 1 lakh 82 thousand 529 votes. Jhenaidah Alam got 8,919 votes in his earliest Rice Sheet. Narail-2: Mashrafe Bin Mortuza of the winning Awami League got 2 lakh 71 thousand 210 votes. AZM Fariduzzaman got 7 thousand 883 votes in his nearest rice paddy. Bagerhat-1: Sheikh Helal Uddin of Awami League gets 2, 53, 241 votes. His nearest BNP's Sheikh Masud Rana got only 11,349 votes. Bagerhat-2: Awami League candidate Sheikh Sarhan Nasir Tanmoy secured 2, 20, 9 52 votes, private His nearest BNP's MA Salam drink 4 thousand 590 votes. Bagerhat-3: Habibun Nahan Talukder of the Awami League got 1 lakh 88 thousand 907 votes. His nearest united front candidate Jamaat leader Abdul Wadud Sheikh received 13 thousand 408 votes. Bagerhat-4: Awami League Mozammel Hessen elected two lakh 47 thousand 865 votes. His nearest Islamist founder Maulana Abdul Majid got 2,395 votes. Khulna-1: Awami League candidate Panchanan Biswas won 1 lakh 72 thousand 59 votes. Its nearest candidate BNP's Kudrat-e-Ameer Ezaz Khan got only 28, 437 votes. Khulna-2: Awami League candidate Sheikh Salahuddin Jewel won 1 lakh 12 thousand 100 votes. His nearest BNP's Nazrul Islam Manju got 27 thousand 379 votes. Khulna-3: Awami League candidate Begum Mannujan Sufian won 1 lakh 34 thousand 806 votes. His nearest BNP candidate, Rakibul Islam Bakul, got 23606 votes. Khulna-4: Awami League candidate Abdus Salam Murshedi won 2 lakh 23 thousand 215 votes. His nearest BNP candidate Azizul Bari Helal got 14 thousand 187 votes. Khulna-5: Awami League's Narayan Chandra Chanda won two lakh 31 thousand 729 votes. His nearest Jamaat-e-Islami candidate Mia Golam Pawar received 32 thousand 694 votes in the symbol of the rice. Khulna-6: Awami League's Akteruzzaman Babu got 2, 84, 349 votes. His nearest Jamaat-e-Islami Maulana Abul Kalam Azad got 19,557 votes in the rice field. Magura-1: Awami League add. Saifuzzaman Shikar (boat symbol) won 2 of 69 thousand 098 votes. His closest rival united front Monowar Hossain (paddy husk) got 16,6606 votes. Magura-2: Awami League Advocate Biren Shikder (boat symbol) won 2 lakh 29 thousand 659 votes. His nearest rival, Opaque Advocate Nitai Roy Chowdhury (Dhan Shees) got 52 thousand 668 votes. Satkhira-1: Wardrobe of the Workers Party, by taking 3,30,880 votes in the boat symbol of Add Mustafa Lutfullah. Its main symbol BNP leader Md. Habibul Islam Habib got 16 thousand 804 votes. Barisal Division Barguna-1: 3 lakh 17 thousand 622 votes, Advocate Dhirendranath Shambhu of the winning boat. Motiar Rahman Talukdar got 15,850 votes in his nearest rice paddy. Bhola-1: Awami League candidate Tofail Ahmed received 1 lakh 21 thousand 688 votes and BNP's Ghulam Nabi Alamgir got 4,863 votes. Bhola-2: Awami League's Ali Azam Mukul got 2,06,124 votes. His nearest candidate Hafiz Ibrahim received 13 thousand 999 votes. Bhola-3: Awami League's Nurunnabi Chowdhury Shaon was elected with 2, 83, 889 votes. The nearest Islamist movement Mao Moslemuddin received 4,555. Bhola-4: Boat marker Abdullah Al-Islam Jacob won two lakh 99 thousand 74 votes. Moulana Mohammad of the nearest Islamic movement Mahibullah hand received 6 thousand 467 votes. Barisal-1: Awami League's Alhaj Abul Hasnat Abdullah won two lakh 5 thousand 503 votes. His nearest BNP Zahiruddin Swapan got 1,305 votes. Barisal 2: Awami League's Shah Alam won 2 lakh 12 thousand 344 votes. BNP candidate Sarfuddin Santu got 11 thousand 137 votes. Barisal 3: Golam Kibria Tipu of Japan gets 54 thousand 565 votes? The winner. BNP's Zainul Abedin received 47,235 votes. Barisal 4: Pankaj Debnath of Awami League won 2 lakh 24 thousand 350 votes. Nirur Rahman Jahangir, the head of the symbol of paddy, has won 9 of 19 votes. Barisal 5: Awami League Jahid Faruque Shamim won 2 lakh 24 thousand 678 votes. BNP's Majibur Rahman Sarwar got 31 thousand 292 votes. Barisal 6: Nasrin Jahan Ratna of Japan won 1 lakh 59 thousand 398 votes. BNP Abul Hossain Khan got 13 thousand 659 votes? Jhalokati-1: Awami League's Bazlul Haque Harun won one lakh 31 thousand 525 votes. The nearest BNP's Barrister Mohammad Shahjahan Omar got 6 thousand 151 votes. Jhalokati-2: Awami League's Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu won two lakh 14 thousand 937 votes. Syed Mufti Mohammad of the nearest Islamic movement Fazul Karim got 9,821 votes. Patuakhali-1: Awami League Shahjahan Mia (boat symbol) won two lakh 70 thousand 970 votes. His immediate opponent Altafur Rahman (handpick) of the Islamic Movement got 15, 103 votes. Patuakhali-2: Awami League's Aussie Firoz (boat symbol) won 1 of 85 thousand 783 votes. His nearest rival Islamist movement Nazrul Islam (hand fan) got 9, 266 votes. Patuakhali-3: Awami League's SM Shahjada (boat symbol) won two lakh 17 thousand 261 votes. Kamal Khan (hand fan) 9 thousand 9 of his nearest rival Islamist movement. Patuakhali-4: Awami League Mohibbur Rahman (boat symbol) won 1 of 88 thousand 812 votes. His nearest rival Islamist movement Habibur Rahman Howlader (handkhapa) got 6 thousand 804 votes. Pirojpur-1: Awami League Advocate Sham Rezaul Karim won 3,37,594 votes. Shamim Sayeedi, the nearest Jamaat leader, got 9,271 votes in the rice sheets. Sylhet Division Sylhet-1: Awami League's AK Abdul Momen (boat symbol) won two lakh 98 thousand 696 votes. His nearest rival BNP Khandaker Abdul Muktadir (Rice Shees) got 1 lakh 23 thousand 851 votes. Sylhet-2: Mukabbir Khan (rising sun) of the united front has won 69 thousand 710 votes. His closest rival, independent candidate Mohibur Rahman (dub symbol) got 36, 467 votes. Sylhet-3: Mahmudus Samad Chowdhury of Awami League (Boat) won 1 of 77 thousand 507 votes. Shafi Ahmed Chowdhury of his nearest rival Oikya Front (top of rice) got 79 thousand 865 votes. Sylhet-4: Emran Ahmad of Awami League (boat symbol) won 2 lakh 23 thousand 677 votes. His nearest rival BNP's Dilader Hossain Selim (Dhan's Shees) got 92 thousand 473 votes. Sylhet-5: Awami League's Hafiz Ahmad Mujmdar (Boat) won by winning 2 lakh 07 thousand 191 votes. Maulana Obaidullah Faruq of his nearest rival Oikya Front got a total of 1, 38, 960 votes. Sylhet-6: Nurul Islam Nahid of Awami League (boat symbol) won 2 lakh 03 thousand 475 votes. Faisal Ahmad Chowdhury (Rice) of his nearest rival, Ekfont got 1 lakh 7 thousand 603 votes. Habiganj-1: Awami League's Gazi Shahnewaz (Boat symbol) won 1 lakh 58 thousand 188 votes. Reza Kibria of his nearest rival Oikya Front got 85 thousand 197 votes. Habiganj-2: Awami League's Abdul Majid Khan (boat symbol) won 1 of 77 thousand 943 votes. His nearest rival, Abdul-Bachid Azad (rice) of the united front won 60 thousand 052 votes. Habiganj-3: Awami League's Abu Jahir (Boat) won 1 lakh 93 thousand 873 votes. His closest rival, the united front, got JK ​​Gouch (rice) 68 thousand 078 votes. Habiganj-4: Awami League's Mahbub Ali (Boat) 3 winners got 9 thousand 653 votes. His closest competitor is the united front. Ahmad Abdul Kader (top of the rice) got 45 thousand 151. Sunamganj-1: Awami League's Moazzem Hossain Ratan (boat symbol) has won 2 lakh 64 thousand 24 votes. His nearest rival BNP Nazir Hossain (head of rice) got 78 thousand 9 and 15 votes. Sunamganj-2: Awami League's Jaya Sen Gupta (boat symbol) 1 lakh 24h Jar has won 17 votes. Nachir Uddin Chowdhury (Rice Shees) got 67 thousand 587 votes against his nearest opponent. Sunamganj-3: Awami League's MA Mannan (Boat symbol) won 1 lakh 71 thousand 6 hundred 51 votes. His closest rival, the united front, Shahinur Pasha (symbol of the ear of rice) got 51 thousand 47 votes. Sunamganj-4: Advocate of the Grand Alliance Pir Fazlur Rahman Misbah (Legal symbol) has won 1 lakh 37 thousand 289 votes. His nearest rival, Fakful Haq Asepia of the united front (Rice of Dhan) got 69 thousand 749 votes. Sunamganj-5: Awami League Muhibur Rahman Manik (boat symbol) has won 2 lakh 20 thousand 428 votes. Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury of his nearest rival, Ekac Front, got 89 thousand 663 votes. Maulvibazar-1: Awami League Whip Md Shahab Uddin won the boat with 1 lakh 43 thousand 676. The nearest BNP Nasiruddin Ahmed Mithu received 65,814 votes. Maulvibazar-2: Gonoforam's sultan, Mohammad Mansur Ahmad (Dhan's Shees) won by winning 79 thousand 742 votes. The nearest alternative, MM Shaheen (boat) got 77 thousand 170 votes. Maulvibazar-3: Nasir Ahmed of the Awami League wins 1 lakh 84 thousand 579 votes. The nearest BNP M Nasr Rahman got 1 lakh 4 thousand 592 votes. Maulvibazar-4: Awami League Vice-President Mohammad Abdus Shahid won 2 lakh 11 thousand 659 votes. Mujibur Rahman Mujib of the main opponent of the main rival received 94 thousand 213 votes. Chittagong Division Brahmanbaria-1: Awami League's Badruddoza Md. Farhad Hossain Sangram won 1 lakh1 thousand 110 votes. His nearest BNP's Syed AK Ekramuzzaman got 60 thousand 740 votes. Brahmanbaria-2: BNP advocate Abdur Sattar is ahead. Here the votes of the three centers have been postponed. The nearest is Moinuddin Moin. Brahmanbaria-3: Awami League A M Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury got 3 lakh 93 thousand 523 votes and won. BNP Khaled Hossain Mahbub Shyam got 46,777 votes. Brahmanbaria-4: Law Minister Anisul Haque has won two lakh 82 thousand 865 votes. Neighbor's hand wings Jasimuddin got 2, 894 votes. Brahmanbaria-5: Md. Ebadul Karim Bulbul of Awami League won by winning 2 lakh 50 thousand 529 votes. BNP's Nazmul Hossain Taposh got 17, 21 votes. Brahmanbaria-6: Captain of Awami League: AB Tajul Islam got two lakh 78 votes. His nearest competitor BNP's Abdul Khale got 1,332 votes. Comilla-7: Winner Awami League candidate Prof. Ali Ashraf got 1 lakh 88 thousand 650 votes. The nearest 20-party alliance candidate LDP. Redwan Ahmed got 15 thousand 8 hundred 91 votes. Chandpur-1: Awami League. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir won 1 lakh 96 thousand 844 votes. Chief competitor BNP Mosharraf Hossain got 7 thousand 759 votes. Chandpur-2: Awami League Nurul Amin won two lakh 96 thousand 315 votes. His nearest BNP. Jalal Uddin got 10,239 votes. Chandpur-3: Awami League's doctor Dipu Moni won 3 lakh 4 thousand 812 votes. The nearest BNP's Sheikh Farid Ahmed got 35,501 votes. Chandpur-4: Awami League's Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman won 1, 73, 379 votes. Chief competitor BNP Harunur Rashid got 30 thousand 799 votes. Chandpur-5: Major Awami League Rafiqul Islam Bir Uttam won two lakh 98 thousand 104 votes. The nearest BNP envoy Mominul Haque received 3,665 votes. Laxmipur-1: Anwar Khan of Awami League got 1 lakh 85 thousand 438 votes. Chief competitor LDP's Shahadat Hossain Selim (head of rice) got 3,894 votes. Lakshmipur-2: Independent candidate Kazi Shahid Islam has been elected with 2,083,785 votes with the name of Papul Apple. The nearest Abul Khayer Bhuiyan rice yielded 28 thousand 65 votes. Lakshmipur-3: Awami League's AKM Shahjahan Kamal was elected with 2 lakh 33 thousand 475 votes. The nearest BNP's Shahid Uddin Chowdhury Annie got 14,477 votes. Lakshmipur-4: Mohajot candidate Major (retd) Abdul Mannan was elected with 1 lakh 88 thousand 671 votes. OCF Abdur Rab got 40 thousand 682 votes. Feni-1: Jasad leader of the Grand Alliance Shirin Akhter won 2 lakh 4 thousand 256 votes. Rafiqul Islam Majnu got 25 thousand 494 votes in his nearest rice rice. Feni-2: Awami League's Nizamuddin Hajari won two lakh 90 thousand 668 votes. His nearest BNP's Joynal Abdin got 5,784 votes. Feni-3: Leigh with the symbol of the plow J. (Retd) Masududdin Chowdhury wins two lakh 90 thousand 211 votes. Akbar Hossain of his nearest rice yielded 1567 votes. Noakhali-1: HM Ibrahim of Awami League (boat symbol) has won 2 lakh 38 thousand 970 votes. His closest competing BNP barrister Mahbub Uddin Khokon (Dhan's ear) got 14 thousand 862 votes. Noakhali-2: Awami League's Morshed Alam (boat symbol) won 1 of 77 thousand 391 votes. His nearest rival rival Jainul Abedin Faruq got 26 thousand 169 votes. Noakhali-3: Awami League's Mamunur Rashid Kiran (boat symbol) won two lakh 17 thousand 429 votes. His nearest rival BNP got 53 percent 790 votes in the blessing of Bourakul Ullah Bholoor. Noakhali-4: Awami League Ekramul Karim Chowdhury (boat symbol) won 3 lakh 96 thousand 22 votes. Its closest antagonist BNP said. Shahjahan (rice ear) got 23 thousand 257 votes. Noakhali-5: Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader (Boat symbol) won 2 lakh 52 thousand 744 votes. His closest rival BNP barrister Moudud Ahmed (head of rice) 10,970 votes. Noakhali-6: Awami League's Ayesha Ferdous (Boat symbol) won 2 lakh 10 thousand 15 votes. His nearest rival BNP's Fazlul Azim (Rice Sheet) got 4,715 votes. Chittagong: Awami League Engineer Mosharraf Hossain got 2 lakh 66 thousand 656 votes. Nurul Amin got 3 thousand 991 votes in his nearest rice rice. Chittagong-6: ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury received 2,31,442 votes. His nearest BNP Jasim Sikder got 2, 307 votes. Chittagong-7: Awami League's Hasan Mahmud got 2,04,255 votes. Mohammad Nurul Alam of his nearest united front got 5,800 votes. In Bandarban, Awami League's Bir Bahadur Ushising has won one lakh 47 thousand votes. His nearest BNP secretary Pru Jerry received 58,710 votes. Khagrachari Awami League candidate Kujendra Lal Tripura was elected. He got 2 lakh 36 thousand 156 votes. Independent candidate of his nearest referee UPDF got the new Kumar Chakma Singh's symbol of 59 thousand 257 votes.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, "The victory of the grand alliance led by Awami League in the Eleventh National Parliament election is another victory of the people of the country in December". He said this while congratulating the senior leaders of political leaders, civil and military administration on Monday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her party won re-election after winning the absolute majority in the eleventh parliamentary elections. Sheikh Hasina said that this victory is not for personal gain, but its big responsibility towards the country and the people. The Prime Minister said that she has got an extraordinary opportunity to serve the people of the country by re-election and implement the dream of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Hasina greeted the people of the country on the occasion of the new year, Sheikh Hasina said. Among the political leaders and government officials, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, PM's adviser said. Tawfiq-e Elahi Chowdhury, Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, Public Administration Secretary, Chief of the three services, IGP, PM's Press Secretary, BGB and RAB's Director General. Prime Minister's younger sister Sheikh Rehana and PM's daughter Saima Wazed Hossain were also present. Several leaders and officials greeted the Prime Minister with a bouquet of flowers and congratulated them.
Chief election commissioner KM Nurul Huda said that 80 percent of the vote was cast in eleven parliamentary elections. Besides, he (CEC) is fully satisfied with the election, he said. KM Nurul Huda said, "We are not dissatisfied with the elections. The whole commission is satisfied. Nobody told me that the commission was dissatisfied. ' He said 80 percent of the votes were cast in this year's election. The voting was stopped due to irregularities in 16 centers. The results of the two constituencies of Brahmanbaria have been postponed. Regarding the demand for cancellation of the election of the National Unity Forum, the CEC said, "The allegations of irregularities are completely untrue. There is no chance of a new selection. It should be noted that, on December 30 (Sunday) the eleventh national election was held. In this, Awami League-led Grand Alliance (288 seats) won absolute victory.
The BNP has been preparing for the last election of BNP in the next one year, ahead of the eleventh parliament vote tomorrow. With the end of the campaign, the leaders of almost all the seats of the country reviewed the election of central election. And the election committee on behalf of the party and the united front boldly guarded the center with the leader of the party, and directed that the results of the voting will be done for their favor. It is learned that the BNP and the alliance have done almost complete preparations for central and seat-based preparations. The directions of every Muhtat from the center of what is to be done on any seat is being given. Pradheedra has been given the courage to overcome the situation, but it will be cut before the vote. It has been instructed to contact the sub-centers on the day of voting. In addition to the reports of irregularities, untoward incidents of preliminary and major election agents, members of the election commission, army and law enforcement personnel have been asked to make a written complaint along with verbal complaints. Time has been told to keep a format of antitrust complaint. In order to ensure that the polling agent's last mum has not been given, there is no problem for the moment in the center. Any problem has been pressed for instant messaging in the media and the center. According to the source, the selection will be conducted from multiple locations on the central side as well as the main election committee. BNP chairperson's Gulshan Kazharloy, Motijheel's chairmen of the united front will monitor the election. In the press conference from the central office of the party every hour to the election day of all the constituencies of the country, the initiative has been initiated to bring out the situation. Apart from this, a separate media center has also been opened to provide information about foreign journalists. Regarding the directives of the last Muhattat and leader of the party, BNP secretary general and senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that everyone has been asked to take a firm stand on the field of voting. Regardless of the injustice done, it is said to leave the field. In order to prevent anyone from robbing the ballot box, votes, robbery, vote robbery, Prior and Netakaridar polling centers have been ordered to stay awake. Meanwhile, after the end of the campaign yesterday, the day-to-day primary preparations were made. Polling agents have been appointed to deal with the situation, to deal with the situation, and to prevent fraud after voting, all the suggestions have been given to the leaders. If there is a need to change the polling agent for some reason, the option list is ready to be ready. Various seats in the capital have been seen, as the end of the campaign ended, most of the seats of the past sitting in their house spent time with the party leader Regularly communicated with the Netacomeridera on the telephone. On Friday, in the mosque of the people in the mosque, the prayers were performed with the worshipers. In Dhaka-8 constituency, BNP's first Mijder Abbas spent time in his house at Shahjahanpur from morning. He talked with Netakmirdar in his own style. He also worked as an agent in the polling station. The workers who came to the house gave different directions. Mizar Abbas complained that he was unable to get out of the house at the time of the election commission's appointment. Every day Naidakmider has been arrested from his house. Afroz Abbas, also from Dhaka 9 constituency, spent his morning time at his own residence in Shahjahanpur. He said that the party was prevented from coming to the house. While sitting at home, he is working on the appointment of agents in the center. BNP's first candidate, Salahuddin Ahmed, spoke about various issues with Netakmirer at Shyampur's own residence. The last point of the question is to give different directions. In the afternoon, his residence surrounded the law enforcing agencies. At that time, the former MP complained that the campaign was over, the law enforcing agencies still harassed him and his staff, especially the rice ear marking the polling agent's home and threatening arrest. Still, he expressed hope that people will come to the polls by tackling the hundreds of adverse situations. National Awami League leader Abdul Mannan in the 10 seats of the BNP yesterday voted for voters through SMS on mobile phone. Shamim Ara Begum, head of the Dhaka-11 rush of rice, also alleged that he was under police surveillance. Wherever they are going, the police will not leave them. On Friday, Shamima claimed that at least 8 people including her close relatives were arrested from her house.
A large number of preparations have been made to keep the law and order normal in view of eleven parliamentary elections. Members of the army, BGB, RAB-Police, including law enforcing agencies, are searching patrolling and vehicles in different areas of the capital. Although the number of vehicles on the frantic road is less than on Friday, the number of patrolling, search and check posts has been increased to control the law and order situation. The search of the checkpost has been carried out at critical junctures. These scenes were seen in different areas of the capital. For the first time in the capital's Banglamotor area, the soldiers were seen to be searched. During this time, they searched for various vehicles on the road. Earlier, on December 24, members of the Armed Forces were deployed across the country to mark the election. These days they are just managing to patrol. Locals visited different areas, along with the soldiers, along with other BGB personnel were seen patrolling the streets. They are eager to avoid any unpleasant situation a day before the vote. In the capital, Abdullahpur, Uttara Airport, Khilkhet, Gulshan Banani, Mohakhali and Badda, Rampura areas, along with police-RAB personnel were seen patrolling. The RAB patrol started from Uttara RAB-1 Kajarlaya in the capital. Gulshan, Abdullahpur and other checkposts are still in the capital. Meanwhile, on seven routes from Abdullahpur to Mohakhali, Khilkhet and Rampura and Mohakhali were seen in almost every place of Bijoy Sarani, where they were seen to be responsible for the security of police members. RAB-1 captain (CO) Lie Kanwar Sarwar bin Kashem said, "We are ready to stop any violence-related violence. We are continuing our patrolling and monitoring of Gowanda in different parts of the capital. Also, the RAB checkpost was installed at important places. Those who want to create chaos will not be given any discount. According to the DMP sources, security measures have been strengthened in the capital city's Gulshan area. Each car is being brought under the search. In addition to checkpost searches in other areas, pet petrol, vehicle patrol and mobile petrol have been extended. Intelligence surveillance continues in white robes so that no one can stop sabotaging work at the same time. To avoid any disorder, the Swat and Bomb Disposal Units are also ready for striking. DMP deputy commissioner Masudur Rahman said, "We have prepared all kind of preparations to conduct a peaceful election." A proper arrangement has been taken to ensure that no one is able to disorder before the voting of the whole Dhaka city, on the day of polling and after the vote. It is to be noted that tomorrow the election will be held in 299 seats of 11th Parliament. Of these, there are 16 seats in the Dhaka Metropolitan area. Preliminary campaign and public relations ended in the capital, including the capital, at eight in the morning. It is now 30 December, preparing for the rest of the day, preparations are ready.
Campaigning for the Eleventh Jatiya Sangsad election and public relations ended Now waiting for the votes. On 30 December, the voting will be held in 299 seats of the 11th Parliament. About 10 crore 42 lakh voters of these seats are waiting to vote in this election. Polling will be held continuously from 8am to 4pm this morning. Gaibandha-3 constituency vote is not being held for the death of BNP nominated first TIM Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury. This constituency will be held on 27 January. The election campaign ended on Friday at 8am. Alongside the law enforcement agencies across the country, the armed forces are also in the field. Initially, sending election material started. Law enforcing agencies are keen on the road, highway. In this election, 39 political parties, including ruling Awami League and BNP, are participating. Awami League alliance named Grandjot formed around this election In this alliance, there are more parties like the opposition party and the ruling party in the current parliament. BNP-led national unity front Kamal Hossain's Ganoformam, LDP, JSD and unregistered Jamaat-e-Islami and civil unity. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda has repeatedly said that equal opportunity has been created for all. Selection will be free, fair and acceptable. However, during the campaigning of this election, there have been incidents of violence in the sub-section of the country. 13 former MPs of anti-government parties have been attacked. There are more than 100 incidents of violence in the election campaign. Now the moment that the election is in motion, the ruling alliance is in a convenient position. They have campaigned in the election unnecessarily. Until the last moment, the whole of the preaching material was in front of them and the whole country was singing in song. There is no such allegation on the basis of election. The main ally of the alliance, the Awami League, contradicts in 255 seats. The rest of the seats are the partners Unlike the ruling party, there is not much publicity in front of opposition camp in front of the whole country. Their procession assembly was not in sight. In contrast to the opponent's attack-case, the party's first and junior colleagues There are allegations that on the polling day, the group is being arrested as the agent for the discharge of duties. Since the start of the election on December 10, the BNP and its allies have been attacked by more than 100 pre-emptive opponents. 13 of them were physically injured. The other important ones are: Gayeshwar Chandra Roy of Dhaka-3, Salahuddin Ahmed of Dhaka-4 constituency, Subrata Chowdhury of Dhaka-6 constituency (Gana Faram), Mizor Abbas of Dhaka-8 constituency, Afroza Abbas of Dhaka-9 constituency, Mahbub Uddin of Noakhali-1 constituency, Pabna -4 seats Habibur Rahman Habib. According to this, 21 BNP candidates could not participate in preliminary elections due to legal complications. However, this number may increase further, until the start of the polling. The BNP has been complaining since the beginning that the field administration is working for the government's party, especially the police and public administration departments. But the EC did not take their complaints in a single time. They took responsibility for the transfer of two Deputy Commissioners (Natore and Gaibandha), a Superintendent of Police (Narayanganj), a Police Commissioner (Khulna), an Additional Deputy Commissioner (Faridpur) and some of the Upazila Nabheri College and Acting Police Complaints. According to sources in the EC branch, some complaints of BNP were sent to the election commission committee, but the committee did not verify the allegation after investigating it. Although some of these allegations were provided to the Sunni proof materials from the BNP. With regards to these allegations, with the CEC KM Nurul Huda on Tuesday. Kamal Hossain's heated sentence is exchanged. On this day the leaders of the united front demanded the withdrawal of four police personnel. These four operatives are: a sub-inspector of Keraniganj, an OC of DB Police in Dhaka and Muradnagar and Nangalkot Police Station OC of Comilla. But after getting no assurance from the CEC, the leaders of the united front left the meeting without submitting the chargesheet. On the same day, UCF CEC KM Nurul Huda demanded the resignation. Since this incident, there is no charge against the united front EC. But before that, almost every day the leaders of the EC went to the EC. Former election commissioner M Sakhawat Hossain said that the Election Commission could not create equal opportunity for all. But there is still time, EC should treat everyone equally. CEC with Dr. Regarding the exchange of heated sentences of Kamal, the former commissioner said, "It is tragic. But the BNP will have to go to the regular EC to stay in the race. More voting information: The total electorate of 300 seats in the election is 10 million 42 lakh 38 thousand 673. Among them, 5 crore 16 lakh 66 thousand 311 women and 5 crore 25 lakh 72 thousand 362 voters. In the election, 40 thousand 183 presiding officers, 1,95,316 assistant presiding officers and 3,90,63,572 polling officers will be elected to the polls. Elections will be held in EVM for the first time in 6 constituencies. These seats are - Rangpur-3, Khulna-2, Satkhira-2, Dhaka-6 and 13 and Chittagong-9. The number of voters in these seats is 21 lakh 24 thousand 554. The number of polling centers is 845 and the number of rooms is 5, 38. Apart from this, for the investigation of irregularities, there are 244 people
Film actor Farooq has become desperate to win Filmfare Most of the residents of Chitpuri have publicly expressed their views on Farooq's election campaign. Artists and craftsmen tell people to vote in person as well as social media in the tea cup. The new name of the new celebrity is added to this list. Many senior stars are also participating. It does not stop here. According to pre-feasibility, the stars of the film were present at 11:30 pm on Sunday in the capital's Banani Kanchabazar Awami League party office. Although the campaign was scheduled to start in the morning, it was late for half an hour to start the campaign. Because the stars who came to meet them were late for some time. At 11:10 am, Paturkar's lawyer Faruk arrived. After taking stars with the stars, he took part in the election campaign in Gulshan around Gulshan. Many of the films participating in the campaign before the election tarakai deceased, but for the first time took part in the election campaign, "camadani 'sinemakhyata sabanaja heroine. Also Farooq ah Ÿ ane the star of his election campaign, participated They Dilara, Anjana, Shahidul Alam Sachhu, Danny sidaka, Riaz, Ferdous, Emon, SD Rubel, Simon, Zayed engaged œ health, mahiya Mahi, Bipasha Kabir, Joy and nimarta SA Haque alikasaha Many Farooq said the election campaign, "Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's daughter in a lot of trouble on our everyone's favorite Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made in developing countries. To keep this trend of its development and to keep the people of Bangladesh happy, everyone hopes that Awami League will win again. I want to dedicate ourselves to you by winning your vote. ' The eleventh parliamentary elections to select the Dhaka-17 constituency of the ruling laigera prathir actor Farooq Akbar Hossain Khan Pathan alias.
During the meeting with Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda, the National Unity Forum leaders came out from there. On Tuesday, the leaders of the united front went to the Election Commission to report various charges. The united front leaders complained that they left the meeting due to the 'behavior' of the chief election commissioner and due to lack of complaining to hear the complaint. BNP secretary general Mizor Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has come out of the meeting and alleged that the killing of opposition leaders and workers in the country is being torched. The police are clashing on the opposition. The issues have been reported to the Chief Election Commissioner. But his behavior seems to have not given importance to it. He did not show any importance in all this. Behaved as if they had made false allegations. In this situation, they raised the meeting and came out from there. On Tuesday noon 10 national leaders of the unity front went to the meeting with the Election Commission in the Agargaon election board. The united front leaders of the meeting leave the meeting and sit up. Mizar Fakhrul said, actually the government and the chief election commissioner are trying to trick the election. The answer to how fair the election will be to the nation. The city of Dhaka does not seem to have been elected in the country. The selection of the election constitution protects the election. What is the purpose of the election commission? On the question whether to withdraw from the election, Mizar Fakhrul said that the people will take this decision. But they will not let the government give rounds on the field. BNP leader Nazrul Islam Khan said, "CEC did not behave in any manner. When we told him to be handed over by police, he took the side of the police instead of giving any sympathy. So we have come from the meeting. " Jafarullah Chowdhury said with the meeting, "Ahsan of the National Unity Forum Dr. Kamal Hossain said to the CEC that CEC Batman can play a stronger role than Chief Justice. If he wishes, he can control the 'lioness police force'. His 'lathial' police forces are not allowing their meeting to do anything. Even after 2pm, Mike has instructed them to use. But the people of the Awami League and their alliance have been campaigning with the help of police without following the rules and regulations. The police and Awami League's guards are attacking them. "He expressed his anger and said that the cost of life of the commander is not worth the cost of his life. They have to be protected. At the time CEC was angry and said. Kamal said to Hossain, 'What happened to you - that's what the police say' lathiyal, animal '. Moin said to the CEC, "If we can not create any environment of the election, then we will say that today we will announce the voter bjarna by press conference and press conference." The leaders of the united front go out. Besides the election commissioners, BNP leader Mizar Abbas, Dr. Abdul Moin Khan, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy and others.
BNP's frontman Afroza Abbas said in Dhaka-9 constituency that the administration has forbidden to stop the election campaign, and said, 'I thought the situation would be better if the army came out. Rather, more attacks are being done. ' He made this accusation at a press conference in his home on Tuesday's election situation. Afroza Abbas said, "I told the election commissioner and concerned police station before leaving the election campaign from the very first day. But every day I am being attacked. Hundreds of people are being injured in the attack. ' He said, "Today was a pre-meditative program. I told the police station and the Election Commission. But in the morning the Sabujbagh police station said that they will not be able to take any responsibility today. Today, my opponents will be campaigning in front of the Awami League. Jubo League will be procession I said, before or after the procession we went down to the campaign. Later, it was told from the police station that today they will not be able to provide security. Now if the administration can not provide security, then what can I do? Every time before that I told the administration, the administration has said that you will come down and we will see. Still have been attacked. Today the administration is adamanti. The BNP leader said, 'My leaders are ready to get started in the campaign. But I do not want their blood shed. Because, the administration did not allow. I used to be seen by the name, the administration itself was attacked. I do not want to take that responsibility. ' Afroza said, "We can not put the poster, we can not put the banner. There is no need for anything. We have our posters, banners and public relations within the minds of the people. We do not want anything, just 30 days people can vote for votes, vote can save. Afroza Abbas said, 'I have not violated the code of conduct. But I was attacked. Unacafide leaders are being attacked all over the country. Yesterday it was attacked directly on the east. ' Asked if the environment has improved in the name of the army, Afroza Abbas said, "We thought that the army would be safe when I came." Can work safely. But the background has changed. Today the administration has refused to go on the opposite campaign. ' He said, "I have not yet seen the army in my own eyes. I have heard. But now we have not got good results. In contrast, there are more attacks. But we hope the patriotic army will provide us security in the coming days. " Asked about the allegation of the attack on the Election Commission, Afroza Abbas said, "I have given many complaints to the Election Commission. But I have not seen any action yet. I did not get the security. A woman did not even get security as a prince. ' It is to be mentioned that the Dhaka-9 constituency consists of Nasirabad union, Khagla Nagar, Sabujbagh and Mugda thanas, Ward no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Nasirabad Union, Southgono Union and Mother Union and Dhaka South City Corporation. Where there are four lakh 25 thousand voters including male and female In this constituency, the Awami League is selecting the symbol of the first boat, present MP Saber Hossain Chowdhury. Its main contenders> Women's President Afroza Abbas is selecting the symbol of the BNP's rice rice symbol. He is the partner of BNP Standing Committee member Mizar Abbas.