The government has decided to waive loans worth more than 600 crore to the farmers of Assam, the BJP government in that state. This will benefit about 8 lakh farmers in that state. However, it has been decided that this decision has been taken in view of the coming Lok Sabha elections. Country's official minister Chandramohan Patwari said that on Monday night, the state cabinet decided to waive the debts of the farmers. He said under this project, 25 percent of any Kishan credit card or bank loan will be waived by the farmers of that state. The loan will be available at a maximum of Tk 25,000, said the minister. Besides, the BJP government has announced the new project considering the farmers of that state. It has been said that the farmers of the new projects will get free interest loan. But the project will be launched from next year. The country's analysts said that these projects are being taken to look after the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Therefore, farmers' debt waiver as an instrument of election will be used as a tool for waiver. A few days ago, the BJP government decided to waive the debt of farmers of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. References: India Times.
From February to May. After audit objection in this four months of the current year taka 20 crore 24 lakh 63 thousand 342 was deposited in Biman Bangladesh Airlines account as cargo handling charge for nonscheduled freighter. In the last two years taka 76 crore was looted as inbound-outbound cargo handling charge from the nonscheduled freighter in cargo department. This was revealed in the internal audit report of Biman. In the investigation it was seen, Biman has earned 2 lakh 33 thousand 529 taka as cargo handling charge for carrying 16 thousand 684 kgs goods as nonscheduled freighter in a flight of Silk Way West Airlines on November 24, 2017. It also earned taka two lakh 53 thousand 995 as charge for carrying 18 thousand 107 kgs goods in a flight of the same airlines on December 4, 2017. Showing excuse that there is no notice the money was not deposited in the Biman exchequer from 2008. According to the report the money was earnable. According to the Audit department, every year from 2008, taka 76 crore was looted in an average. So in this rate, from 2008 at least taka 720 crore was embezzled, which was not deposited in Biman account. It is known that although the earning was regular from the year 2008 but at the middle part of 2011 the current Director of Customer Care department Ali Ahsan Babu was given charge as General Manager of Cargo. After that showing excuse of non availability of the notice the money earning from the nonscheduled freighters was stopped. So Biman faced huge financial loss. Though it was a much talked matter but Biman authority yet to form any investigation committee in this regard. The question rises, why he did not take initiative to publish notice as a responsible officer? Why he is showing excuse of notice by not considering benefit of Biman? In this regard Ali Ahsan Babu declined to comment. Rtv team was barred from entering his office. But later the team was allowed to enter at his office but he was not available. After getting news that he is in the head office, Rtv team went there and reached him. But while talking over the scandal he switched off the camera. Later his statement recorded secretly. He claimed that the Biman audit report is false. While avoiding the matter he questioned, what the audit report says- are those all correct? That report is false. No loss to the state has happened. He said to Rtv team, there will be no problem whatever you write. The Public Relation department of did not help the Rtv team to arrange any type of conversation with Chairman or Managing Director of Biman. Even the MD did not receive the phone.
After 22 months efforts at last electricity reached in the tiny island Sandwip through bottom of the sea. On Thursday this island upazila on the Bay of Bengal was connected to the national power grid through submarine cable. There are nearly 4 lakh inhabitants in Sandwip. So far the island was one type of out of electricity supply facility. At local level 400 subscribers were being given fuel based electricity through generators in the upazial sadar. The island which has turned smaller hit by repeated erosion now can see the light of hope as it is connected with the national power grid. According to PDB information, submarine cable is set up in 15 kilometers distance through bottom of the sea from Sitakunda to Sandwip as part of electricity distribution system development work of Chattogram. Around 145 crore taka was spent in this project. This submarine cable’s performance capacity is 50 mega watts. After connecting to the national grid, now hundred percent people of Sandwip will be brought under coverage of electricity in several stages. People of Sandwip hope that huge development will take place there, including setting up of mill-factories after getting the power from national grid. Sandwip municipality mayor Jafar Ullah Titu said, it is the reflection Prime Minister’s promise of providing hundred percent electricity for Sandwip that she gave in 2012. Chinese contractor firm ZTT is implementing the project. According to Power Development Board source, two high power capacity cable networks were connected from Sitakunda part to Sandwip channel through 10 to 20 feet depth beneath the Bay of Bengal. This connection is being given with help of setting up two cables with length of 16 kilometers from the coast. It is hoped that as the area is covered by electricity then internet service with broadband internet connection will be expanded.
Dhaka International Trade Fair-2019 has been deferred by seven days due to the 11th parliamentary elections slated for December 30. Director General of Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) Ramjan Ali confirmed this to on Wednesday. “We have decided to reschedule the starting date for the month-long fair due to the national elections although the fair is supposed to begin on January 1 every year. We will sit for a meeting regarding this in the coming month (December). Then, we can inform about the exact date for commencing the fair. But we hope the fair is likely to be inaugurated within January 10 as the book fair is scheduled to begin on February 1,” Ramjan Ali said.
Finance Minister AMA Muhith said it’s not correct that banking sector has become weakened. The minister came up with the assertion while addressing an inaugural ceremony at Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market auditorium in the capital on Sunday. He said that there are many difficulties and disabilities in this sector. The banking sectors of any country face such problems. “It is also possible to fix the problems in time. But it’s not correct that this sector is weak,” he added. Md Asadul Islam, Secretary of Financial Institutions Division presided over the programme where M A Mannan, State Minister of Finance and Planning, Bangladesh Bank governor Fazle Kabir attended the function.
A Dhaka court has sentenced Destiny group Chairman Mohammad Hossain to three years imprisonment in a case filed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for not submitting his wealth statement. Dhaka Special Judge Court-6 Judge Sheikh Golam Mahbub passed the order on Wednesday. The court also fined him Tk 50,000, in default of which he will have to serve three months more in jail, Public Prosecutor Mahmud Hossain Jahangir confirmed. On July 31, 2012, the ACC filed two money-laundering cases against Destiny-2000 chairman M Hossain and group managing director Rafiqul Amin and 20 others on charge of misappropriating investors’ money amounting to Tk 3,285 crore. ACC found information that Mohammad Hossain piled illegal wealth of Tk131,171,598. Later, the watchdog sent notice to him to submit the wealth statement on June 16, 2016.
The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Iqbal Mahmood said that Tk 274.25 crore has been collected from corrupted people who were indicted with confiscation and fine in different cases between 2013 to 2017. The ACC Boss told this while speaking at 9th session of 2nd resume of Implementation Review Group of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in Vienna, Austria on November 13. A press release issued by ACC Public Relations (PR) office revealed the news. Iqbal Mahmood said, “The ACC filed 189 cases with certain allegations of corruption while submitted 223 charge sheets to the courts between January to October in 2018.”
Owners and workers are conducting a transport strike from Sunday morning (October 28th) in Narayanganj on the first day of the 48-hour transport strike across the country calling for transport owners and workers. Workers on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway stayed in support of the strike from 6am on Sunday at Shimrail intersection of Siddhirganj. At this time, the workers stopped all types of transport in the highway with the location of the highway in Sainrod, Sanaarpar, Shimrail point, Siddhirganj and Kanchpur point. They stuck with rickshaw, auto rickshaw and patient ambulance. The workers also torched the tire on the highway. During the picketing, they did not allow any kind of movement. There are allegations that several public and private professionals including the female students and the driver of the Prime Minister's Office were assaulted on the highway. Private workers with highways, if they want to go to the microbus destination, transport workers will be black in those transport. Even workers of many drivers have transported the workers to black color. Embarrassed, the owner, driver and ordinary passengers of private transport Meanwhile, workers' press workers are seen to be attacked. Even after introducing journalists, the workers continued to behave rude. The press workers prevented the media from photographing. On the other side, transport workers detained the PM Sajjadul Hasan's car in Shimrail area around 9:30 am. After blocking his car for almost half an hour, Maima Taslim Hossain, TI (Administration) of Traffic Police of Narayanganj, on duty at Shimrail intersection, was able to recover the car after discussions with the workers. The passengers are going to suffer terribly. Thousands of people are seen walking to their destinations without getting the vehicles. Garment worker Sahira Akhter said, "We came out of the house to go to the office at 6:00 am and came to Shimrail and saw all the transport closed. Being forced to go to the office is not forced to get a car. Shanta Zaman, a Class X student of Dainiya University College, said, "After going for the college, I was forced to go to the street waiting for an hour to go home without getting any car. The government's bank official KA Motilib Miah said, "Without the previous announcement, the workers have called us a blockade and put us in danger." How do we go to workplace now? A passenger named Monir Mia from Shani Akhada said, 'One of my relatives died at Madanpur area on the night of yesterday. She came out of the house to see him and was trapped in Shimrail. I am skeptical about whether to see my relative's body. Passenger Shefali Akhter said, "We have seen serious danger due to the closure of all types of vehicles, including transport workers, rickshaw, van and patient carrying ambulance since 10am. This is inhuman. ' A constable of the police, who was reluctant to reveal the name, told the police that Shimrail is in charge of the police station. The laborers stuck a deadly sick patient car carrying an ambulance in Shimrail area. Later, they requested to leave the patient vehicle. The protesters said that we will not move from the highway until our demands are met. Our demands must be followed. Delwar Hossain, president of Shimrail branch of Bangladesh Truck Cavendish pickup owners association, said, "We are continuously campaigning for accepting the demand of 8-point workers." Narayanganj traffic police TI (administration) Molla Taslim Hossain said at the Shimrail point of view, the security measures have been strengthened and kept in mind due to the fact that the workers could not bring any unpleasant incident, including the vandalization of vehicles, to the Dhaka blockade. There have been no untoward incidents yet. It is to be noted that the transport owners and workers are conducting the strike to recover eight-point demand including amendment of certain sections of the Road Transport Act.
The transport strike enforced by transport workers is underway in the country since Sunday morning, causing immense suffering to the people. Transport workers declared a 48-hour strike to press home their eight-point charter of demands, which includes amendments to the recently-passed Road Transport Act. The nationwide strike has begun at 6:00am Sunday which will continue till 6:00am on Tuesday. Following the strike, all types of public transports are closed. As a result, immobility has grabbed the whole country including capital. Due to the strike, many passengers are facing trouble after coming out from their home. The people are forced to find alternatives ways to go to their destinations. Although, some buses of Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) are seen plying in city roads but the number of buses are few against the demand. Usman Ali, general secretary of Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation said the workers will not drive any transports from 6 am Sunday to 6 am Tuesday.
Law Minister Anisul Huq called upon the transport workers to withdraw the ongoing strike saying that they have no clear idea about the road transport law. The minister made the call while replying to a query of journalists after a programme held at Judicial Administration Training Institute in the capital on Sunday. “Those who are observing the work abstention have no idea about the road transport act,” Anisul said. “In the road transport act, there is no provision that ensures stringent punishment for the transport workers. But they have enforced the strike without understanding the law. I urge them to withdraw the strike,” he said. Bangladesh Road Transport Workers’ Federation yesterday called for a 48-hour countrywide work abstention demanding amendment to some provisions of the Road Transport Act 2018. The strike came into effect from 6:00 am today.
Asian Development Bank (ABD) has projected 7.5 percent GDP growth for Bangladesh in the fiscal 2018-19. The forecast was disclosed at the ADB outlook-2018 released at its office at Agaorgaon in the city on Wednesday. Bangladesh export and remittance are likely to remain steady, according to the release. However, the expansion in import is likely to be slower. On the supply side, strong industrial growth is likely to continue and contribute to the stable growth. Bangladesh economy is in good shape and growth momentum is likely to continue, the release said adding that the country has recorded over 7 percent growth rate for the three consecutive years, reaching growth to 8 percent now.
US ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Bernicat has said that as a middle-income country Bangladesh needs a free, fair and inclusive election. The US ambassador said this at the launching ceremony of a campaign “Bangladesh will win if peace wins” at the Celebrity Hall of Bangabandhu International Convention Centre (BICC) on Monday. Democracy International brought together 400 Awami League and BNP leaders to inaugurate the campaign, a national campaign ahead of the next national election. The US ambassador said political parties must accept their rivals as legitimate participations in the political process and as potential leaders of the next government, even when they disagree on issues or policies. "It's essential that Bangladeshis urge nonviolence by all actors at every stage of the democratic process, before, during, and after the elections," Bernicat said. She said violence serves only those who wish to undermine the democratic processes and the interest of Bangladesh and its citizens.