The Supreme Court (SC) has settled a petition of the National Board of Revenue (NBR) to block all bank accounts maintained by Robi after payment of due taxes. The four-member bench of the Appellate Division headed by Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain passed the order on Sunday. Attorney General Mahbube Alam and Deputy Attorney General S M Moniruzzaman represented the state in the court and Barrister Tanjibul Islam moved for Robi. Earlier, Robi agreed to pay its due taxes by Sunday after the Supreme Court cleared way for the National Board of Revenue to block its accounts. NBR froze the bank accounts of Robi Axiata Ltd, the country's second largest mobile operator, on allegations of dodging of Tk 18.72 crore in value-added tax and supplementary duty. Later, Robi went to the High Court against the NBR’s move and the High Court (HC) stayed decision of freezing all bank accounts. On Thursday, the Appellate Division cleared the way to block the mobile operator’s accounts after the NBR challenged the High Court decision.
World Bank (WB) South Asia Region Vice-President Annette Dixon said the Rohingya refugee crisis in southern Bangladesh is growing at a rapid pace and there is an urgent need to support the host communities to cope with the influx and to help the refugees who are extremely vulnerable. The WB official said this after visiting the Rohingya camps in the ***'s Bazar on Saturday. The WB South Asia Region Vice-President praised the government of Bangladesh and its people for sheltering and caring for the large influx of Rohingya fleeing violence in Myanmar. A press release issued from the organisation’s Dhaka office this noon confirmed the matter. Annette Dixon said the World Bank was ready to work with the government to help the host community and the displaced Rohingya people in ***'s Bazar. "The scale of the influx is enormous. As far as the eyes can see, lines after lines of shelters-made of plastic sheets and bamboos-stretched over the deforested hills. It is creating huge pressure on the infrastructure and services as well as on the water resources and the environment. When the monsoon approaches, the challenges with disease and natural disasters will increase," Dixon said. The press release said Annette Dixon visited the registered and makeshift camps and spoke with the Rohingyas and the local community. She also visited registration centers, health and food distribution centers, children centers and women-friendly spaces. While these efforts are helping the Rohingyas cope, they will need more support to rebuild their lives. "The people and the government of Bangladesh have shown great generosity to the Rohingya people in their hour of need. As soon as the crisis broke, with the government, the local and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and development partners extended support. This helped save thousands of lives," she said. "But the needs are much greater. If the government seeks assistance, we can mobilize more resources to address the needs of both the host communities and the Rohingya people in a way that will continue to benefit the local people after the Rohingyas leave," she added. Dixon met local government officials and representatives of the many Bangladeshi and international relief agencies and NGOs that are working to support the Rohingya population in the ***'s Bazar area. Earlier in the week, Dixon spoke at the invitation of the government at the Bangladesh Development Forum in Dhaka. She praised Bangladesh's remarkable success in reducing poverty and advancing development. As concluded a five-day visit to Bangladesh today, she said Bangladesh is an inspiration for development-it halved the number of people living in extreme poverty and created more opportunities for all. The country is at the cusp of another transformation: that of an upper middle-income country. "The World Bank is committed to help Bangladesh address areas critical for achieving its vision of upper-middle income status," said the World Bank South Asia Region Vice President.
India will give Bangladesh an amount of $450 crore (nearly Tk 36,000 crore) as loan. Bangladesh and India signed a deal in this regard at Finance Ministry conference room of Bangladesh Secretariat on Tuesday. Economic Relations Division (ERD) of Bangladesh and Exim Bank of India signed the deal. With this, India agreed to give a huge amount of loan for third times in last seven years under Line of Credit (LOC). Bangladesh Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith and his Indian counterpart Arun Jaitley were present at the deal sign programme.
During the holy Eid-ul-Azha, the government has decided to price animal skin. Every square foot of the cow's cow's skin has been set between 50 to 55 rupees in Dhaka and 40 to 45 rupees out of Dhaka. In case of khasi and sheep, every square price of the country will be 20 to 22 taka. The price of bakery skin is 15 to 17 rupees per square foot. The decision was taken at a meeting on the skin price of the animal sacrifice on Sunday. This meeting was held in the meeting of the Commerce Ministry. The meeting was chaired by Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed, Industries Secretary M Abdullah, Commerce Ministry Secretary Subashish Bose, Police Representatives of IG, RAB's DIG, Leather Industry Businessmen and others concerned.
Bangladesh earned Tk3,837 crore in last eleven months (2016-17 fiscal year) by exporting frozen fish. Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) reported this in its updated list of June month. According to the report, the government has earned 47 crore, 28 lakh and 50 thousands US dollar in last 11 months (July to May). Earlier, the country has earned 53 crore, 57 lakh and 70 thousands USD by exporting in the 2015-2016 fiscal.
Health Minister Mohammad Nasim said that the country's various types of drugs and medicines are exported to 127 countries of the world. In response to the question of Lutfa Taher, reserved for the reserved seats in parliament, he said this. The Health Minister said the country's export of various types of medicines and medicinal raw materials are being exported to 127 countries. And 98 percent of the country's total demand is produced locally. He said that the GMP (Good Manufacturing Pritis) guideline of the World Health Organization was not properly followed and licenses of 86 medicines for the production of adulterated and under-performing drugs were temporarily suspended and the license of 19 institutions has been permanently canceled. Apart from this, legal action has been taken against the concerned people of the organizations including the cancellation of registration of 61 posts and temporary cancellation of 14 posts by January to December 2016 for the production of adulterated and inferior medicines. Responding to another question from the ruling party MP Israfil Alam, the minister said that the number of drug manufacturing factories in Bangladesh is 851. Of these, allopathy has 266, unani 26, Ayurvedic 207, homeopathy 79 and herbal 32. There are currently 26,910 branded allopathic medicines available in the market. In response to a question from MP A Awal, minister Motiur Rahman said that according to the agreement, 1 lakh 27 thousand 198 people in 2017 can go to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj this year. Of this the ballot is 10 thousand and non-ballot 1 lakh 17 thousand 198 people. The letter has been sent to the Saudi government for transferring 5,200 of the 10 thousand of the ballot as non-ballot.
The price of beef on the occasion of Ramadan has been fixed at Tk 475 per kg. In addition to Boulder or foreign cow, 440 taka, buffalo 440 taka, Khasi 725 rupees and sheep or goat meat prescribed amount of Tk 620. On Tuesday afternoon, a meeting with the Meat Traders Association, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) mayor Said Khokan announced the price. At the same time, it is also said that if any meat trader does not accept this prescribed price, legal action will be taken against him. The mayor said, "DSCC determines the price of meat so that the citizens can observe fasting, peacefully, to protect the purity of Ramadan every year." It is learned that at the meeting meeting, the traders urged first not to determine the price of meat. They said, "If the price of meat is high in the country, the price of cattle in the international market including India, Nepal will be increased. We want the cow to be 300 rupees. But the price of the Gabtali leaseer and North City Corporation is rising. The traders demanded that the price of meat be set at Tk 480, the mayor reduced the Taka to Tk 470. But the businessmen demanded to raise Tk 5 more, the mayor accepted it. Noting that five fingers of hand are not equal, Mayor said, "There are many businessmen in the city of millions of people. There can be two or four bad businessmen among them. We will take action against them by monitoring the city. Alongside, you (businessmen) will take position against them. The mayor further said, "We are sitting with all businessmen, so that there can be no business crisis in the market by creating artificial crisis in the public and can not hurt people. If anyone does this, then the DSCC will interfere. ' Mayor Said Khokan said, "There is a thought of hatching a cow in the Kamrangirchar-Barriwrib area of ​​South City Corporation (DSCC)." To the traders, the mayor said, "According to your proposal, cattle hoard will be done at Matuail, Jatrabari or Kamrangirchar." After the announcement, the meat traders welcomed the Mayor through the gimmick. Khan Md, Chief Executive Officer of the program Senior officials including Bilal were present.
Truck, tanker-lorry, covered van and pick-up van owners and workers Oikya Parishad called off their 72-hour strike in Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions on Tuesday morning. The decision has been taken from an emergency meeting held in Bogra after assurance of the divisional administrations to sit with the Parishad leaders to solve their problems, informed the leaders of Oikya Parishad. The Parishad leaders had first enforced a 48-hour strike and then made it a 72-hour one as the administration failed to fulfill their seven-point demand, within the given time. The Parishad’s demand include stopping harassment in the name of checking driving licence on highways, stopping plying of unauthorised vehicles on highways and ending harassment in issuing driving license.
Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith has said that the movement against the new VAT law will be suppressed. He said this on the issue of new VAT law at the meeting of the 38th Consultation Committee of the National Board of Revenue at Bangabandhu International Conference Center, Agargaon, on Sunday. In the meeting, General Secretary of Business Unity Forum Abdul Motalib said the purpose of the NBR was to implement the new VAT law and we will go to the movement like students. Because, after VAT law, traders will be greatly damaged. You will not be able to get the law, you will fail if you go to the movement. ' He said, "NBR did not do it when it was asked to arrange for training for traders before the new VAT law came into force." At that time Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith said, "There are now 864,000 registered taxpayers in the country. They submitted 32 thousand returns. Give me the list of how many returns you have given to small and medium industries. How many VAT do you submit? The movement will not do anything, the movement will be suppressed. The minister said, "We are going to discuss today but Abdul Motalib is threatening, I did not like words anymore. The words of Abdul Muttalib should be lifted. Here the discussion is, there is no profit by declaring war. ' After talking about the suppression of the Finance Minister, the business leaders started to furiously. During this time, NBR Chowman Md Najibur Rahman and FBCCI President Abdul Matlub Ahmed came under the control of the situation.
Meat traders will go on strike from the first day of Ramadan demanding permanent cattle market, more quality slaughterhouses in city. The Meat Traders’ Association is going to declare new protest programme in this regard on Sunday. The traders said that if the authority does not satisfy their demands within next 15 days then they will go on strike. Earlier, the meat traders observed six days strike from February 13 to February 18 to press their some demands. Meat traders alleged that meat prices have been on the rise, as the lessees force them to collect extra money for their animals. On the other hand, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) made a list for meat traders without any discussion with traders. The traders also claimed that they have been forced to raise the prices of meat due double taxes collected by Gabtoli cattle market leaseholders. Gabtoli cattle market director committee member Sanawar Hossain said that DNCC and meat traders joined a meeting on January 18. According to the decision from the meeting, meat traders are bound to sell meat in their shops. And tax will be collected from them who has DNCC trade license. DNCC Chief Executive Officer Aminul Islam said that a traders list was made with the assistance of veterinary surgeons and city corporation inspectors of two city corporations. But, this is not final list. If any irregularities found then correction can be taken place.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh-India joint panisampadaguloke utilized as a single force stresses. He said, "If you sign pact to transform the relations of the two neighboring countries will exceed the new stage." India Foundation in New Delhi on Monday to a hotel reception, he mentioned the optimism. The Prime Minister said, "Our collective future depends rivers panibantane the comprehensive plan. Bangladesh government believes, Teesta water sharing issue, if resolved, would convert the Indo-Bangladesh relations. The Prime Minister said, "We firmly believe that, as a force to unite our common panisampadake should be used. Teesta issue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again reiterated that the quick fix. We'll rely on the promise that he made. " In fact, at the end of a four-day visit to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected this evening.
Mobile banking in the country of what is happening in the sport with the fraud and said the former Bangladesh Bank Governor Dr. Mohammed seized. Officers' Club in the capital on Thursday, the National Board of Revenue (NBR) at the opening ceremony of the conference organized by the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes said. Before submitting the report, the mobile banking transactions carried out during the 1 100 charged at Rs 86 as service provider companies are taking a cut. Which is almost equal to the dollar. It is a type of fraud with the people. They are exploiting people. 40, where the bank takes the money system. The mobile banking should not be charged at 40 paise higher. In this regard, consideration will see that the controlling institution. He wants to see different times NBR customer's bank account. If you do not have special needs should not do it. If the customer's bank account will see only specific complaint. It is because of the deposit; We must protect it. The allegations in the letter of the NBR. In this case, the letter should be given proper respect. Before submitting the report to modernize tax management, tax management, automation will increase the transparency of terms. Increase tax collection. NBR complications of nearly 3 crore cases are pending. So the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) will focus on. Although 50 percent of the money will not be a lack of money in the next budget. Senior Secretary, Internal Resources Division and NBR chairman of the conference. Rahman was najibura FBCCI President Abdul Matlub Ahmad, a member of the NBR said. Abdul rajjakasaha senior officials of the NBR.