In the last week of September, the results of 36th BCS final and 37th BCS written examination will be published, but the limitations will be delayed in October next. The 38th BCS Preliminary Examination will be held in November. On Thursday, a notification issued by the Public Service Commission (PSC) The PSC says that due to lack of financial independence, their activities are sometimes interrupted. The PSC sources said that the Commission will publish the final results of the 36th BCS final results and the 37th BCS results. The results of 36th BCS results were announced by the publication of results of 37th BCS. Asked about the publication of the results, PSC chairman said. Mohammad Sadiq said, "We are working together with three BCS exams together. All efforts are being made to publish the results as quickly as possible after thinking about the candidates. I hope to publish the results of 36th and 37th BCS in near future. After the results of 36th BCS final and 37th BCS written examination published, 38th BCS preliminary examination was planned. However, due to the record number of candidates appearing in the 38th BCS, the delay in the pre-examination. Especially for large number of examinees, the place to take examinations, printing of question papers and answer papers, all together, is a huge task, "he said. But by November, 38th BCS preliminary test will be held. PSC has received the application for 3 lakh 89 thousand 468 candidates for this BCS. The application began on July 10 and ended on 10 August. On June 20, the PCC issued the 38th BCS Circular to recommend the recruitment of 2,244 posts in 24 cadres. In this BCS, 300 cadres of administration cadres, 50 in police cadres, 100 in general cadre, 549 in technical and professional cadre and 955 for education cadre will be recommended. In the BCS exam, the number of Bangladeshi nation number 200 has been reduced by 50. There was a decision to add 50 history by adding history of Liberation War. Besides Bangla, this question will also be prepared in English. In addition to seven departments, the new division will also be examined in Mymensingh.
The Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh from going back home. According to the Border Security Force, so far at least 900 refugees back to Myanmar. Border Security Force wanted to help more refugees to return to Burma. According to international organizations, the new 69 thousand Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh. Most of the Rohingya, who are interested to go home. They claimed that the international community should take steps to strengthen their security. The number of Teknaf BGB Battalion Commander Lieutenant. Colonel Al Zahid said in Abuja, Myanmar Rohingya good condition to return a part of the country. At least 800-900 Rohingyas back to Myanmar for the information he has. The Rohingya are a lot more who wanted to go home BGB support. Leather unregistered Rohingya refugee camp in Teknaf Committee general secretary, said Amir Husain, whose wealth is in Myanmar, the Myanmar people have gone inside. Faiz Ahmed, another member of the Management Committee of the camps, there are still a lot of rich people who go running efforts. The new interest in returning home, said the Rohingya people. Ayesha Noor told to take shelter in the makeshift camp, Bangladesh had fled for fear of life. You can return to your own country, counting the hours. Shabbir Ahmed said another Rohingya, the Rakhine state of Myanmar government has closed operations. But trust can not even Rohingyas. Although the alleged abuse suspends operations whether or not they are in doubt. The international community stepped up pressure on Myanmar security of all refugees to return one day. The Russell Teknaf BGB Deputy Commander Major Abu Siddiqui said, many Rohingya fleeing the country every day going back to Myanmar. If you want to go to their not being prevented. The penetration of the border as the border again, they are going to leave. However, we are going to write their names and addresses are in. " In fact, 016 in Bangladesh, Myanmar on October 9, coordinated terrorist attacks inside the area after 9 policemen killed her liability is imposed on the Rohingyas. Since then began the process of military repression. Myanmar authorities claimed that, since Rakhine state "clearance operation" they continue. Rohingya Muslims were claiming that they are working to curb Islamic extremism. And this week, newly appointed national security adviser to Myanmar on Wednesday, citing thaum tunake State Counselor's office released a statement, said the situation in Rakhine has now stabilized. The army carried out by the 'Clearance operations have been completed. Curfew has been relaxed and the police were all employed in the maintenance of peace.
At least four people including a woman were killed in a collision between a truck and auto-rickshaw in the district on Wednesday noon. The accident took place around 12.30pm in front of Ishwarganj municipality. The deceased could not be identified immediately. Officer-in-Charge of Ishwarganj Thana Borhan Uddin said a truck collided with an auto-rickshaw in front of Ishwarganj municipality, leaving four dead on the spot.

A second year student at accounting department of Dhaka University embraced unnatural death.

The deceased has been identified as Apu Sarker, 20, a resident student of room no. 474 at Jagannath Hall of the university. He father`s name is Haripada Sarker of Dhamrai upazila of Dhaka.

His roommates Arnob and Ratan said they went to bed around 1.00am last night. Apu was found unconscious on Wednesday morning. He was then taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) where doctors declared him dead.

Informing that no injury marks have been found on the DU student`s body, Bachhu Mia, Sub-Inspector of DMCH, said Apu might be died of heart attack.

Police Counter-Terrorism and transnational crime (sititisi) chief Monirul Islam said, " JMB members were arrested from Mirpur planning for Thirty First night attack. They are active members of the organization. " DMP Media Centre on Wednesday, he told in a press conference. Monirul Islam said, "Around 30 kilograms of explosives were seized from those arrested. They were initially questioned.They confessed to planning violent action Thirty first night interrogation .Riaz was the leader . He's involved with the organization for a long time. " To a question, he said, "This information was already known. They confirmed the operation arrested. At one stage, they were arrested from a house in Mirpur. " Earlier, Md. Rakib alias Riaz alias engineer, said. Bappi alias alias Abu bin saima APU, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ahsan alias Osman, Md. Chairman and Md Sohag alias. Police said the arrest of Mamun alias himelake Mirpur.
Almost two million people are expected to take part in this year's pilgrimage, undeterred by a crane collapse in Makkah earlier this month that martyred 109 people and injured nearly 400 at Islam's holiest site. "It is a gift from God that He has chosen us to come here," said Walaa Ali, a 35-year-old Egyptian pilgrim with tears in her eyes. "I am so happy to be here." Nearby, both men and women sat side by side listening to preachers explain the history and rituals of Hajj. The first day of Hajj is known as Tarwiah Day, when pilgrims traditionally watered their animals and stocked water for their trip to Mount Arafat, about 10 kilometres southeast of Mina. Nowadays pilgrims spend their time there in prayer and reciting the Holy Quran. The climax of the Hajj season is on Arafat Day, which falls on Wednesday. With the start of Hajj, pilgrims enter the stage of Ihram  a state of purity in which they must not wear perfume, cut their nails, or trim their hair or beards. During Ihram, men wear a seamless two-piece shroud-like white garment, symbolising resurrection and emphasising unity regardless of social status or nationality. Women must wear loose dresses exposing only their faces and hands. The Hajj is among the five pillars of Islam and every capable Muslim must perform the pilgrimage at least once in their life. The ministry says 100,000 police have been deployed to secure Hajj. "We take all possibilities into consideration during Hajj. This includes the kingdom being targeted by terrorist organisations," Turki told AFP. Saudi interior ministry spokesman General Mansur al-Turki said security forces are on high alert and 100,000 police have been deployed to secure Hajj. "We take all possibilities into consideration during Hajj. This includes the kingdom being targeted by terrorist organisations," Turki told AFP. Among other challenges facing Saudi authorities this year is potential transmission of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The capital Riyadh saw a jump in infections last month. But health officials have insisted that so far no MERS infections have been recorded among pilgrims. Saudi Arabia is the country worst affected by MERS, with 528 deaths since the virus appeared in 2012. The health ministry has mobilised thousands of health workers to help secure a virus-free pilgrimage.
Islamic Foundation Director General Shamim Mohammad Afzal made the announcement at a press briefing in the evening after a meeting of the National Moon Sighting Committee. According to the Islamic calendar, the second of the two biggest festivals of the Muslims is always celebrated on the 10th day of the month Zil Hajj. "Zil Hajj will start from Wednesday as the moon was not sighted today," Afzal said. "The Eid-ul-Azha falls on Sep 25." Muslims sacrifice animals on Eid-ul-Azha to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son at Allah's command. This year, cattle and meat prices in Bangladesh went up after India decided to plug cattle smuggling. An estimated two million cows are smuggled from India to Bangladesh each year. But cattle traders and government officials said the Indian move would not significantly impact local markets during the Eid, when the demand for sacrificial animals runs high.
State Minister for Post and Telecommunications Tarana Halim told reporters on Wednesday the campaign will help those with proper registration to verify their SIMs. The SIMs that are found not properly registered during the verification will have to be re-registered. She told members of the ‘Telecom Reporters Network Bangladesh’ during a meeting at the secretariat that the details of the verification and re-registration process would be made public by Sunday.

Executive Magistrate Firoz Ahmed told a RAB-1 team raided the pharmacy around 2:30pm on Tuesday.

“We’ve already found some prohibited medicines,” he said two hours after the raid. “It’ll take time to finish searching the pharmacy.” Ahmed said the hospital authorities ran the pharmacy.

He added that the raid was part of RAB’s regular drives.

The case against them was filed in 1992. On Monday, Drug court judge M Ataur Rahman announced the verdict of the 23-year old case. Rahman said the six will get ten years in prison and will have to pay a fine of Tk 200,000 each, failing which they will get another six months in jail. BCI Directors Shahjahan Sarker, Shamsul Haque, Nurunnahar, Production Manager Tajul Haque, Quality Control Manager Ayesha Khatun and Executive Director ASM Badruddoza were handed down the sentence. Of them, only Sarker, who was out on bail was present during the court order. The others have been absconding since proceedings resumed on the case. Case details indicate that spurious paracetamol syrup led to a large number of children being admitted to hospitals in between 1989 and 1992. Of them, at least 76 died. Tests showed the BCI product Paracitone had poisonous Di-Ethylene Glycol along with products of four other firms. The case was filed on Nov 30, 1992 by then drug superintendent Abul Khayer Chowdhury against six officials of the company. Charges against the accused were placed on January 2, 1993 and they were indicted on August 2, 1994. But the case was subsequently stalled until 2011 following a defence petition filed with the High Court. The court on February 20, 2011 ordered to start trial in the case. Public Prosecutor Mohammad Nadim Miya said the court gave its verdict after hearing three witnesses. Sarkar’s counsel Khandker Bashir Ahmed said the 10-year term and fine was the highest penalty allowed by the law. The drug court had sentenced three including Adflame Pharma’s owner and manager to 10 years in prison last year for producing spurious paracetamol.
Around 20 vehicles were damaged at Feni’s Lalpole area on Saturday during a demonstration protesting the ban on three-wheelers plying on national highways. Traffic on one of the busiest highways in Bangladesh was suspended for over an hour. Local highway police’s Inspector Saleh Ahmed Patthan said that the protestors blocked the highway around 11am. The clash erupted when police intervened. Police lobbed teargas canisters and fired in the air to bring the situation under control. At least 15 people, including policemen were injured in the clash, said Feni Model Police Station OC Mahbub Morshed. Additional contingents of police and RAB have been deployed in different parts of the highway in Feni to avoid further untoward incidents, said Feni’s Assistant Superintendent of Police Amirul Alam.
Asha Moni said she was at home during Friday afternoon’s incident. According to her, a youth, aged about 25, entered the flat saying he would like to rent it and that he had already spoken to the house’s owner. “He appeared to have sent text message to someone from his mobile phone,” she said. Moni said she informed her husband, who was working on his laptop in the bedroom, when the youth did not leave even after taking a look at the flat. “But several youths entered the house as soon as Niloy asked the youth to leave. “One of them with beard hit Niloy’s hand with a machete shouting ‘Nara-e-Takbir Allahu Akbar’,” she added. Moni said she pleaded with the assailants not to kill her husband but the attackers dragged her to the veranda and confined her there. Niloy’s username on social networking sites was Niloy Neel. He used to blog against communalism and fundamentalism under this name on website ‘Istishon’ (Station). The couple lived on the fourth floor of the flat that was sublet in Gorhan. The flat has two bedrooms, two verandas, a kitchen and another small room. The family rented one of the bedrooms and the small room. He had married Moni two years ago against the wishes of both their families. Moni’s younger sister Ishrat Tanni, who was visiting them, was in the kitchen during the assault. “They (the attackers) confined her to another veranda when she shouted for help,” she said. They left after striking Niloy in the head and neck with sharp weapons. Moni said one of the attackers was carrying a black pistol. She also said her husband’s laptop had been missing since the attack.