On Monday, trading at the stock market commenced almost two hours late at 12:15pm against the scheduled time at 10:30am.

DSE Deputy General Manager Shafiqur Rahman told, “Since the market was delayed in opening, trading would continue till 4:15pm.” 

He said the server suffered an error just like it did on Sunday. “In the morning, brokers send the information on trading and matured shares to the main server. But the server was unable to coordinate the data today resulting in trading being put on hold.”

However, Chittagong Stock Exchange ran smoothly like yesterday, he said. Generally trading at the stock market commences at 10:30am and ends at 2:30pm.

However, on Sunday the server malfunction delayed the opening time to 2:20pm .

It remained open until 4pm. After an hour and forty minutes of trade, the total DSEX Index increased to 4,485 points and a total of Tk 3.43 bn worth of shares were traded.

DSE official Nizam U Ahmed said that every morning brokers send data to the main server. Some of them are investment data, amount of matured money on BO accounts and quantity of matured shares.

“If someone has matured money he can buy shares with it, and if someone has matured shares he can sell them off. If we had begun trading before these data were coordinated with the server, then everyone wouldn’t have got equal opportunity.”

This is the reason why trading was delayed in starting for the last two days, said Ahmed.

The Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI) has gathered samples of noodles marketed by four other companies, said its Assistant Director Golam Baqui on Sunday.

They are New Zealand Dairy’s ‘Doodles’, Kallol Thai Food’s ‘Mama’, Ifad Multi Product’s ‘Ifad Eggy’ and ‘Mister’ marketed by Pran Group’s concern Natore Agro.

“Five samples of Maggi noodles have been collected and they were sent to the lab on Sunday. The results are expected in a week,” Baqui told.

According to him, products were tested ‘regularly’ in Bangladesh, but this one was initiated after ‘dangerous level of lead’ was found in instant noodles, manufactured by Nestle in India.

The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA) in Uttar Pradesh said high lead content was found during routines tests on two dozen packets of the noodles.

According to FDA, all the packets tested were contaminated. Test results found a lead concentration of 17.2 parts per million (ppm), nearly seven times the permissible limit.

The acceptable limit of lead ranges between 0.01 ppm and 2.5 ppm. Scientists also found high levels of added monosodium glutamate (MSG), a taste enhancer, in the noodles.

Contacted Nestle Bangladesh over the BSTI initiative, but was told that the official authorised to speak on the matter, Nakib Khan, was now in India and will comment once he was back.

Nestle India, a subsidiary of Swiss-based Nestle SA, said it had strict safety and quality controls in place for all raw materials used to make Maggi noodles, Reuters news agency said.

A company spokesperson confirmed the FDA had ordered it to withdraw the batch dating back to March 2014.

The BSTI, however, says the possibility of high level lead concentration in Bangladeshi products was less.

"If there is harmful ingredient in the soil, it finds way into the produces and then to the products. But recent soil tests did not suggest there were elements like lead, MSG,” said BSTI Director (Certified Mark) Kamal Prasad Das.

Grameenphone customers will be able to pre-book the handsets from Mar 23. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the companies on Wednesday, according to a media statement. Grameenphone’s Head of Product Hasibul Haque and Samsung India Electronics’ Bangladesh branch Managing Director CS Moon signed the deal. One will have to shell out Tk 69,000 for Galaxy S6 while its double curved-screen variant Galaxy S6 Edge will cost Tk 79,900 on contract. Grameenphone customers can get them paying Tk 2,500 in 24 monthly instalments. They need to pay Tk 9,900 first up for pre-booking the device of choice. The customers will get exciting benefits along with the handsets while there will be free accessories and free data for pre-booking customers, the statement said.